Daniel Henney special fan service (American invitation)

Daniel Henney special fan service (American invitation)

Daniel Henney

Actor Daniel Henney, who played Jack, an overseas FBI agent, in the movie “Collaboration 2: International” (hereinafter referred to as “Collaboration 2”), released in September, invited Korean fans to the United States.

On the 18th, a video of Daniel Henney dating a Korean fan in the U.S. was posted on the official SNS of the air conditioner 2 production and distribution company, along with a post saying, “The best successful fan review in LA! Event winner and Daniel Henney met.”

Mr. A, who revealed that the fan in the video was him, said on his personal SNS, “I’m the one next to Daniel Henney. “I’ll tell you some good stories and stories,” he said, giving a detailed review.

Mr. A said, “I called a Korean taxi from the airport to the accommodation and calculated all the tips in advance. “Thanks to this, I got tips on traveling to the United States from a Korean driver who can communicate well and arrived at the accommodation comfortably.”

Starting with taxis, Daniel Henney’s gifts for fans included unlimited rides and performances for fans who wanted to go to amusement parks during their trip to the U.S., handwritten letters, autographed hats, and custom-made cups.

Most of all, what’s touching is that Daniel Henney wanted to do the event itself, so he suggested it to the film company first. “The other actors said hello to the stage for two weeks, but he said he proposed the event first because he was disappointed that it was only a week away,” he said.

Mr. A also said, “Can I say this?” (I ate at the restaurant) and the table near us ate about $400 and left without tipping. But Daniel found out about it and talked to the manager, and when we calculated our food, we added a lot of table tips and paid for it,” he said.

Mr. A, who prepared a gift for Daniel Henney, said, “I gave you a gift and asked you to sign my autograph on the back. So I was like, “What?” I asked, “My autograph?” and he said, “I like receiving things like this, too,” and posted a picture of Daniel Henney, who received A’s gift.

Finally, Mr. A, who had a travel plan even after the event schedule, said, “I was moved until the moment we broke up, saying, “I asked you not to hesitate to contact me if there was a difficult situation or anything during the last trip.”

In the review left by A, Daniel Henney appeared in expressions such as “Okay Man Henney,” “Careful Man,” and “Unforgettable Eyes,” and he was friendly to do anything for his fans.

Daniel Henney, who is an actor in Korea and the United States, has been loved by many people, starting with the Korean drama “My Name is Kim Sam-soon” in 2005 and starring in the movies “X-Men Birth: Wolverine,” “Spy,” and the drama “Criminal Mind.”

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