DRIPPIN “My goal is to win first place on a music show…

DRIPPIN “My goal is to win first place on a music show with my first full-length album, ‘VILLAIN’.”


Idol group DRIPPIN (Cha Jun-ho, Hwang Yoon-sung, Kim Dong-yoon, Lee Hyeop, Joo Chang-wook, Alex Kim Min-seo) expressed their thoughts on the performance of their activities.

Drippin held a comeback showcase at Ilji Art Hall in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, at 4 p.m. on the 15th.

They will release its first full-length album “Villain: The End” through major music sites at 6 p.m. and make a comeback.

“I think I had a hard time preparing for my first full-length album and making use of key points that fit various genres of songs,” Drippin said. “There were many rock sound songs, so I had difficulty expressing my vocals aggressively.”

Drippin replied, “I hope you will be interested in the ‘Villain’ worldview during this activity, and I want to achieve No. 1 in music programs.”

“Villain: The End” is a new album released about five months after Drippin’s second single “Villain: ZERO” released in June, and a full-length album released for the first time since his debut. Through this album, Drippin will decorate the grand finale of the grand “Villain’z Era” worldview story in a total of three episodes that follow the previous works.

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