Elon Musk also makes smartphones?Foreign media said, “It’s unlikely.”

Elon Musk also makes smartphones?Foreign media said, “It’s unlikely.”

Elon Musk

“If there is no other option, I will make an alternative smartphone.” Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who recently acquired Twitter, posted such a message on his Twitter account on the 27th, drawing attention from the industry.

Musk’s remarks came as he shared a tweet with Liz Wheeler, an American conservative critic. Liz Wheeler responded by saying, “If Apple and Google remove Twickers from the app market, Elon Musk should make his own smartphone.”

“If Apple and Google throw away Twitter, half of the country will be willing to throw away biased iPhones and Android phones,” Liz Wheeler said on her Twitter account. “Can’t the person who made the rocket to Mars make a silly and small smartphone?” Musk replied, “You can also make an alternative smartphone.”

Recently, Musk has expressed dissatisfaction with the in-app payment fee of 15-30% imposed by Google and Apple on the app store. The remarks also seem to be drawing more attention as they come at a time when tensions have increased due to Musk’s criticism.

Musk recently tweeted, “App Store costs are set too high due to Apple and Google’s monopoly,” adding, “It is the same as the 30% tax hidden on the Internet.”

However, contrary to Musk’s remarks, there is no sign that Apple or Google will remove Twitter from the app market, respectively. Foreign media also believe that it is too much to make Tesla’s smartphone production a fait accompli with just Musk’s tweet.

“At this point, everything is just speculation, and if the smartphone development plan has not yet begun, it will take years to build a smartphone using a new platform,” IT media Phone Arena said. “Don’t expect a new smartphone to be a competitor between Google and Apple.”

It also predicts that it will not be easy for Musk to enter the smartphone business. In fact, Amazon also released its own smartphone in 2014, but it failed by selling only 26,000 units.

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