FIFA official said, “BTS Jungkook won first place in World Cup songs…

FIFA official said, “BTS Jungkook won first place in World Cup songs…”Make history”

BTS Jungkook

Producer RedOne, a FIFA creative entertainment executive, praised Jungkook, a member of the group BTS.

On the 28th (local time), the US AP conducted a short interview with Red One, who produced the official theme song for the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup.

On this day, Red One mentioned the BTSn political situation’s “Dreamers” at the Qatar World Cup opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup. “Dreamers” topped the global world wide chart on the music search platform “Shazam” and topped the top 200 charts in Brazil and Vietnam, including Saudi Arabia, a Middle Eastern country. It was also ranked No. 1 bestseller on the French music platform “Qobuz” and No. 1 international bestseller.

It also reached No. 26 on the UK’s official Big 40 chart and reached No. 3 on the Official New Zealand Music Chart’s New Zealand Hot 40 Singles, setting the K-pop solo artist’s best solo debut record. As of November 27, it also topped the worldwide iTunes song chart for eight consecutive days on the global music platform iTunes.

In this regard, Red One said, “Dreamers, sung by Jungkook, topped the list in more than 100 countries on the day the World Cup theme was unveiled for the first time in history,” adding, “It was ridiculously good from the beginning.” He also made history. There was no song that was so successful in the World Cup. It’s incredible and amazing,” he said excitedly.

He also said, “There have been no promotions so far, only performing on the World Cup stage. It’s a part that tells us how much we love him and how well he’s doing, he said. “It’s a blessing to be able to participate in all of this work.”

Meanwhile, Jungkook performed the official soundtrack “Dreamers” at the “2022 Qatar World Cup Opening Ceremony” held at Alcohr Albait Stadium in Qatar on the 20th (Korea Standard Time). The video swept the world’s popular video rankings after being released on YouTube.

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