first solo album by BTS RM, “My 4 Years of History”

first solo album by BTS RM, “My 4 Years of History”


The group BTS RM put four years of history in his first solo album.

RM posted a film teaser video of “Indigo” album magazine on his official SNS on November 27. The teaser video contains interviews of RM and musicians and artists who participated in “Indigo.” The main edition of the magazine film will be released on December 3.

In the teaser video, RM said, “The highest level is to solve the most personal stories in general,” adding, “This is the history of the four years, and I hope it will remain calm like a field for a long time.”

Paul Blanco, who participated in “Closer (with Paul Blanco, Mahalia)” as a feature, said, “It’s a picture that (artist or producer combination) can never come out,” while Cho Yoo-jin and Park Ji-yoon each said, “They wrote their honest concerns” and “RM seemed very serious about the music.”

Meanwhile, the entire song “Indigo,” which contains traces of RM’s life and thoughts, will be released on December 2.

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