Genesis G90, Self-Driving, Postponed to Next Year

Genesis G90, Self-Driving, Postponed to Next Year

Genesis G90

Level 3 self-driving cars developed by domestic manufacturers will be available next year. The original release schedule was at the end of this year.

Hyundai Motor Group has postponed the launch of a Genesis G90 model with Level 3 Autonomous Driving Pilot (HDP).

Hyundai Motor Group plans to complete the development and certification of Level 3 autonomous driving technology by the end of this year as originally scheduled, but it has reportedly postponed the mass production of Level 3 autonomous vehicles.

Hyundai Motor Group explained that the reason for the postponement is to accumulate more data through testing and scenario-specific verification with various and sufficient practices and to further enhance autonomous driving software.

Hyundai Motor Group is expected to conduct a thorough verification to further secure safety by raising the speed limit of level 3 autonomous driving from 60km per hour to 80km per hour.

Hyundai Motor Group announced earlier this year that it would limit the speed of autonomous driving to less than 60km/h when it announced the launch of 3G90, but decided to raise it to 80km/h.

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