Itaewon foreign victim “the most” is criticized for “poor management…

Itaewon foreign victim “the most” is criticized for “poor management of the Korean government.”


Iran, which had the largest number of deaths among foreigners killed in the Itaewon disaster, criticized the South Korean government’s poor on-site response.

“Unfortunately, five Iranians were killed in the accident (in Itaewon, Seoul),” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Khanani said at a regular press conference on the 31st (local time). “If the Korean government knew how to manage the event, it should have managed it.”

Among the 155 deaths, 26 foreign victims were confirmed from 14 countries, with five Iranians the most. Four of the Iranian victims were Ph.D. students, and the other was known to be language trainees less than two months after coming to Korea. The two victims were married couples.

“We hope that the Korean government will be able to respond to the situation, including the issue of injuries, with a systematic plan,” spokesman Khani said. “Iran expressed its condolences on a humanitarian level.”

Khani also pointed out the fact that the South Korean government has expressed concern about bloodshed in relation to the “hijab protests” in Iran. Earlier on the 28th, a South Korean Foreign Ministry official said, “We are concerned about the situation of women’s human rights in Iran and the prolonged crackdown on tough protests and are participating in the international community’s response.”

“The Korean government’s concerns are the result of pressure from the West, including the United States,” spokesman Khani said. “South Korea has a non-constructive and irresponsible position on internal Iranian issues.”

Referring to $7 billion in crude oil exports frozen in South Korea due to Western sanctions, he also criticized that “South Korea, which had maintained a good relationship in the past, has recently been irresponsible in the frozen asset issue.” 토토사이트

In Iran, anti-government protests have continued for two months across the country since the case of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old female statue who was arrested by police for not wearing a hijab properly in mid-September. Many teenagers and young people in their 20s were killed by the Iranian government’s hard-line crackdown. The Norwegian-based human rights group Iran Human Rights (IHR) estimated that at least 250 people were killed in the protests.

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