Johnny Depp appeals to ex-wife Amber Heard

Johnny Depp appeals to ex-wife Amber Heard

Johnny Depp

Hollywood star Johnny Depp has filed an appeal against Amber Heard’s partial victory during a battle over domestic violence with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

According to the U.S. entertainment media People on the 4th (local time), Johnny appealed to Amber Heard to pay $2 million in damages.

In a civil trial held at Fairfax Court in Virginia in June, a jury ruled that Amber Heard should pay Johnny $15 million in damages for defaming Johnny.

On the other hand, in a countersuit filed by Amber Heard, taking issue with Johnny’s lawyer’s claim, it was decided that Johnny should pay $2 million in damages.

In fact, it was believed to have ruled in favor of Johnny, but Johnny announced that he would appeal some of Amber Heard’s victories.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Amber Heard formed a relationship through the 2009 film “Rum Diary” and began dating in 2011 and married in February 2015, but were dismissed in August 2016. 메이저사이트

After the divorce, Amber Heard published a contribution to the Washington Post in 2018 that she was domestic violence.

Although he did not specify the perpetrator, Johnny filed a $50 million libel suit, claiming he had accused him of domestic violence.

Amber Heard then entered a countersuit against Johnny Depp for $100 million.

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