KIHYUN of MONSTA X, “PLAY!” first performance…

KIHYUN of MONSTA X, “PLAY!” first performance…


Kihyun of boy group MONSTA X gave a fantastic live performance on the first broadcast of “PLAY!”

Ki-hyun appeared as a solo host on Naver NOW’s new show “PLAY!” that first aired on the 7th, communicating with fans and expressing warm comfort and emotion.

Ki-hyun, who returned to the host seat of Naver NOW with “PLAY!” about seven months after the last broadcast of “Late Night Idol,” said, “Please look forward to how he will play every week.”

On this day, Kihyun said, “I was thinking a lot about what else to show through PLAY! I struggled because it was a new program and the format itself was play. However, he expressed his feelings and determination, saying, “It’s not just me, but I’m confident, and I think you’ll be satisfied with whatever I show you.”

Ki-hyun, who raised his tension by even showing Le Seraphim’s “ANTIFRAGILE” point choreography, sang his first mini-album title song “YOUTH” live along with the band code. Ki-hyun warmly cheered for high school seniors ahead of the CSAT by delivering the last lyrics of “YOUTH” “You’re still doing well enough.”

Kihyun then continued live performances of “Little bit of love,” “Bad Liar,” “You Can’t Hold My Heart,” “Centuries,” “Lonely Night,” “As You Say It,” and “Good Job Today.” In particular, Kihyun raised expectations by announcing MONSTA X I.M as a guest at the end of the first broadcast of “PLAY!”

Meanwhile, Kihyun released his first mini-album “YOUTH” on the 24th of last month.

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