Land Rover pre-release of All New Range Rover Sports…

Land Rover pre-release of All New Range Rover Sports…

Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover Korea held a pre-release event for All New Range Rover Sports at the Gangnam Center in Seoul Auction on the 11th.

All New Range Rover Sport has been receiving keen attention since the global premier in May, achieving 1,000 pre-contracts in Korea. The pre-release event is being held in Seoul, reflecting the high interest of domestic customers and the importance of the Korean market, by selecting major cities around the world at the UK headquarters.

Jaguar Land Rover Korea first unveiled I6 Ingenium gasoline and diesel engine models with advanced mild hybrid (MHEV) systems to All New Range Rover Sports. In accordance with the Reimagine strategy, which includes Jaguar Land Rover’s electricity plan, it will introduce plug-in hybrid (PHEV) with extended mileage in 2023 and then release pure electric (BEV) models sequentially.

All New Range Rover Sport’s exterior design features a stealth-designed front grill and a digital LED headlight that constitutes a signature daytime running light (DRL). Each headlight is equipped with a digital micro-mirror device capable of 1.3 million individual controls, identifying up to 16 objects in the vehicle’s path and intelligently blocking light to prevent glare from other road users. The continuous LED rear light is applied with Surface LED technology for the first time in mass-produced cars, giving a clear and modern look from any angle.

Finishing technologies that reflect modern luxury design philosophy, such as seamlessly simple and beautifully finished flush glazing, flush door handles, hidden waist rail finishers, and laser-welded loops, complete a precise and sophisticated exterior. Based on these aerodynamic designs, the drag coefficient of the All-New Range Rover Sport is only 0.29 Cd, a 15% improvement over the previous generation model.

The driver-centered interior creates an immersive driving environment for the driver. Land Rover’s trademark Command Driving Position is applied with Land Rover’s latest technology and top-of-the-line materials, and provides excellent omnidirectional vision through a cockpit structure similar to the cockpit. The headrest that covers the head, the wide center console, and the high waistline cover the driver, creating an environment where you can focus only on driving.

All New Range Rover Sport is based on Land Rover’s next-generation MLA-Flex (Modular Longitude Architecture-Flex) platform. The MLA-Flex platform offers up to 35% more torsional stiffness of 33,000 Nm/deg than the previous model, and the integrated chassis control system controls a series of systems to work in harmony.

Dynamic Air Suspension introduced the brand’s first convertible volume air spring. Dynamic air suspension has a dual-structured air chamber that expands the suspension operating bandwidth and adjusts internal pressure more quickly and precisely through electronic control valves. During dynamic driving, more stable cornering and agile driving are possible as the pressure in the chamber increases.

Dynamic Response Pro provides up to 1,400 Nm of torque to each axle through the latest 48V Electronic Roll Control System (eARC), ensuring body control and cornering stability. In addition, Adaptive Dynamics 2 technology monitors the condition of the road surface 500 times per second and continuously controls the active twin damper to reduce unnecessary body movement.

Excellent cornering performance is ensured through the electroactive differential, including all-wheel steering and braking-based torque vectoring systems. All-wheel steering allows steering of the rear axle up to 7.3 degrees, and adjusts the rotation direction of the front and rear axles differently depending on low and high speed driving, providing agility, maneuverability, and excellent stability.

Land Rover’s flagship off-road technology, the latest fully automatic terrain response system 2, and the brand’s first adaptive off-road cruise control provide excellent off-road performance. Adaptive off-road cruise control automatically analyzes body tilting, rolling, pitching, and yawing according to various algorithms and adjusts the optimal driving speed of the vehicle. This ensures the stability, control, and rideability of the vehicle in any off-road environment and allows the driver to focus only on steering wheel manipulation.

All-New Range Rover Sport includes the P360 Dynamic SE, P360 Dynamic HSE and P360 AutoBio with I6 Ingenium Petrol and Diesel Engines with MHEV SystemsGraphic, D300 Dynamic HSE will be released in Korea with a total of 4 trims.

The I6 Ingenium gasoline engine installed in All New Range Rover Sport is combined with advanced MHEV systems to optimize efficiency and responsiveness. The twin scroll turbocharger reduces turbo lag and ensures improved engine reactivity with the help of the electric supercharger in the MHEV system. The P360 model has a maximum output of 360PS and a maximum torque of 51kg.m, reaching 100km/h from rest in just six seconds.

The powerful and efficient Land Rover’s I6 Ingenium diesel engine provides fast responsiveness and high efficiency. The All-New Range Rover Sport D300 model offers smooth yet powerful performance with a maximum output of 300PS and a maximum torque of 66.3kg.m, reaching 100km/h from rest in just 6.6 seconds. The same MHEV system has been applied to the Ingenium diesel engine and provides high responsiveness while optimizing efficiency.

The P510e PHEV model, which is scheduled to be released in South Korea in 2023, boasts an electric mileage of up to 113km based on WLTP, combines Land Rover’s 3.0L I6 Ingenium gasoline engine, a powerful 105kW electric motor, and a 38.2kWh battery, boasting a maximum power of 510PS and a maximum torque of 700Nm, and a 0-100km/h acceleration time of only 5.4 seconds.

The optional Meridian Signature Sound System offers an amplifier output of up to 1,430W over 29 speakers, and the next-generation active noise cancelling system continuously monitors road noise and generates noise cancellation signals through microphones and accelerometers located inside each wheel arch.

Land Rover’s powerful electric vehicle architecture, EVA 2.0, includes software-over-air (SOTA) capabilities to support seamless technical connectivity of vehicles. Utilizing this, 63 electronic control modules are updated remotely to always provide the latest technologies and services.

All New Range Rover Sport is equipped with a PIVI Pro infotainment system for the first time as a model. PB Pro provides high convenience to domestic customers by incorporating T-map navigation of T-map Mobility, and drivers can check the optimal route through a 13.7-inch semi-floating interactive driver display with high-definition graphics.

“Range Rover Sport has been loved by customers worldwide for its outstanding performance, dynamism and functionality proven by more than 150 awards since its launch,” said Robin Colgun, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Korea. “We will see the perfect harmony of 3rd generation all-range Rover sports.

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