Opel Astra electric vehicle with quite a few advantages is unveiled!

Opel Astra electric vehicle with quite a few advantages is unveiled!

Opel Astra

Opel, a member of Stellantis, has added the brand’s first EV model to the semi-medium hatchback Astra. It is an unfamiliar brand to domestic consumers, but it has emerged with quite interesting characteristics.

Astra first appeared in 1991. Until the fifth generation, released in 2015, it used GM’s platforms such as Chevrolet Cruz. However, when PSA acquired Opel in 2017, it changed it to an EMP2 platform used by the 6th generation AstraBurton Peugeot 308, which was released last year. In other words, the current model can be said to be Peugeot 308’s ‘Iranian twins’.

The Astra EV, which will be introduced today, also has the same basic skeleton and drive system as Peugeot e-308. However, surprisingly, the difference between the two models is noticeable.

The battery capacity is the same at 54kWh, but the maximum torque is slightly increased to 27.5kg/m. The maximum speed is also a little higher at 170 kilometers per hour. In addition, based on the International Standard Test Method (WLTP), the distance that can be charged once is 400km for e-308, while the Astra EV is 416km. In other words, the foundation is the same as Peugeot, but it has increased its potential through its own performance tuning.

In addition, space is more practical. Astra EVs are divided into two types: a regular hatchback and a wagon version with increased loading space. In particular, the wagon model has a basic trunk capacity of 516L based on VDA, and the maximum capacity of folding the second row sheet is 1,553L, which is comfortable. Although it has less capacity than the internal combustion engine version, it has enough space.

It looks completely different, too. If the new 308 is a car that emphasizes individuality, Astra is calm and simple. Unlike the 308, the door character line is straightened as if it were ironed, and square-shaped headlamps and “L”-shaped tail lamps are also noticeable. The same goes for indoors. It has followed the trend these days by putting small gear levers around wide displays. It is based on the intention to differ from Peugeot as much as possible.

Meanwhile, Opel plans to sell Astra EVs in the European market next spring, and the price is still undecided.

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