Park Seo-joon “The Marvels” will be introduced in July next year…

Park Seo-joon “The Marvels” will be introduced in July next year, and Lee Jung-jae will introduce “Star Wars.”

Park Seo-joon ,Lee Jung-jae

Disney has expressed its extraordinary affection for Hallyu content.

At the “Disney Content Showcase 2022” held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on the 30th, Disney’s major studio theaters, including Marvel, Lucasfilm, Disney, Pixar, and 20th Century Studios, and Disney Plus’s major releases were announced. Trailers of various works were introduced at the event, attended by more than 400 reporters from Asian countries.

What stood out at the event was Disney’s high interest in Hallyu content.

At the opening, Luke Kang, president of Walt Disney Company Asia-Pacific, mentioned “Hollywood and the Korean Wave” first, saying that he will discover storytelling for the next 100 years following Disney’s past 100 years and form an axis of global culture. Luke Kang said, “Big Mouse, Soundtrack #1 and ‘In the Forest: Friendship Travel’ were listed on the top three most viewed contents on APAC in the first week of its release. Also, the streaming time of locally produced Asian content serviced by Disney+ has increased eight times from a year ago.”

“Korean Wave series are attracting viewers from overseas,” he added. “We are looking forward to the new Disney Plus original Korean content ‘Casino’ and ‘Moving’.” He also proudly explained that he first introduced “Gannibal,” directed by Japanese director Takashi Miike and starring Jung Hae-in and Ko Kyung-pyo, at the Busan International Film Festival in October.

Korean actors were also notable for their participation in Marvel movies, Star Wars, and Disney animated series, which were unveiled at the morning event.

Marvel movies featured major trailers for “Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantum Mania,” which will be released in February next year, and “Guardians of Galaxy 3,” which will be released in May next year. Among them, the movie “The Marvels,” starring Park Seo-joon, attracted the attention of Korean reporters and other Asian reporters. Disney officially announced its release in July 2022 by introducing, “The Marvels is a sequel to Captain Marvel, featuring Korean actor Park Seo-joon along with the main character Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Tiona Paris.” When Park Seo-joon was introduced to the lineup, exclamations and applause came out among Asian reporters.

However, the trailer of “The Marvels” was not released at the event, and Park Seo-joon also did not disclose what role he played in “The Marvels.”

In the introduction of the new series of “Star Wars,” Lee Jung-jae said hello through a video. Lee Jung-jae, who gained global attention for his “Squid Game,” surprised domestic and foreign fans by announcing his appearance in the new series “Star Wars.” “Acolite” is a 100-year-old story of “Star Wars: Episode 1 – Invisible Danger,” which depicts the dark secrets of the galaxy and the newly emerging dark side against the backdrop of the late Republic era. Lee Jung-jae works with Amanda Stenberg, Manny Jacinto, and Daphnequin.

Lee Jung-jae said in Korean, “I sincerely congratulate you on the Disney content showcase in Singapore. I’m sorry I couldn’t join you on the scene, he said. “I’m personally very excited about the news. “I’m going to appear in Lucasfilm’s new original series, ‘Acolite’.” “I’m happy to be part of the Disney family. I ask for your anticipation, interest, and love, he added.

Meanwhile, the two-day event will be attended by director Kang Yoon-sung of the Disney Plus original series Casino, actors Lee Dong-hwi, Huh Sung-tae, and director Takashi Miike of Connect, Jung Hae-in, Ko Kyung-pyo and Kim Hye-joon. Among the Japanese series, the production team and actors of original Disney Asia-Pacific content, including director “Gannibal” Katayama Shinjo, actors Yuya Yagira, Riho Yoshioka, and actor Chelsea Islan from the Indonesian superhero series “Tira,” will also participate.

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