SEVENTEEN dome tour to release their new Japanese song “Dream”…

SEVENTEEN dome tour to release their new Japanese song “Dream”…


Group SEVENTEEN released Japan’s first EP “DREAM” through various music sites at midnight on the 9th.

“Dream” includes the title track “Dream” of the same name, as well as a Japanese version of the title track “Rock with You”, the title track of the 9th mini album “Attacca”, the special album “; [Semicolon], and the 4th full-length album “Face the Sun” (Darling), which was reborn as a holiday version.

The title track “Dream” is an original Japanese song suitable for the moment of Seventeen’s historic dome tour. This world tour “SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR [BE THE SUN] – JAPAN) is even more meaningful to fans as it is their first dome tour since SEVENTEEN’s debut.

Seventeen’s previously appeared on the live broadcast of the Japanese TBS music program “CDTV Live! Live!” on the 7th and performed “Dream.” The ecstatic performance and sweet voice of 13 people separately caught the attention of viewers.

Earlier, SEVENTEEN ranked second in the album rankings and combined album rankings with their fourth full-length album “Face the Sun” in the “Oricon First Half Ranking 2022,” drawing keen attention to the record that will be written as the new album “Dream.”

Starting with Osaka Kyocera Dome from the 19th to the 20th, SEVENTEEN will hold the “SEVENTEEN World Tour [Be the Sun] – Japan” at Tokyo Dome from the 26th to the 27th, and the “SEVENTEEN Be the Sun City,” an urban concert play park where various events are held in various parts of the city before and after the performance.

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