Tanzania airliner crashes into Lake Victoria…

Tanzania airliner crashes into Lake Victoria…

Tanzania airliner

At least 19 people were killed when a Tanzania domestic airliner crashed into Lake Victoria while attempting to land on the local time) as it attempted to land.

According to local state-run TBC, a plane belonging to Tanzania’s low-cost carrier Prisci Air, which took off from Dar es Salaam in the east, crashed into a lake while attempting to land at Bukova Airport in the northwest.

Qasim Majali and Tanzania’s Prime Minister announced to local media that “at least 19 people have been confirmed dead in the passenger plane accident.”

According to the video of the accident site, most of the aircraft is submerged, and the tail wings and part of the upper part of the aircraft are exposed to the surface.

Rescue authorities are continuing rescue and search operations using lifeboats and police ships.

Citing local authorities, the Associated Press reported that 43 people boarded the plane, of which 26 were rescued and taken to a nearby hospital.

Some rescue passengers were reported to have died while being treated after being taken to a hospital.

A police official said, “The plane fell into the lake while attempting to land in bad weather,” adding, “We rescued a significant number of passengers through rapid rescue operations.”

President Samia Sulufu Hasan tweeted, “I fell in great sadness after receiving the news of the accident,” adding, “I hope God’s help in the rescue operation.”

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