Tesla drivers were killed, and another brake malfunction battle

Tesla drivers were killed, and another brake malfunction battle

Tesla drivers

Another brake malfunction battle is taking place as a Tesla car driver caused five casualties in China.

According to observers and Reuters on the 14th, a Tesla Y vehicle driven by Jan hit motorcycles running in the same direction on a two-lane road in Chowzhou, Guangdong Province, on the 5th and hit an oncoming bicycle and a tricycle.

The accident killed a motorcyclist and a high school girl riding a bicycle at the scene, injured three people, including Jan and a tricycle driver, and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Jan told police he tried to park in front of a store opened in front of his house, but the brake pedal didn’t work and suddenly accelerated. He also claimed that the vehicle did not stop even if the neutral gear button was pressed several times.

On the other hand, according to the video of the accident, Tesla vehicles did not have brake lamps on at the time. Tesla countered that the driver of the vehicle did not brake based on this. Tesla drivers

Tesla is actively cooperating with the police’s investigation, but plans to request a third appraisal agency to investigate the accident.

The accident is drawing attention from netizens as a relative of Jan posted a message on Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter, saying, “It is out of control while parking Tesla, it is a sudden start.” At one time, it was ranked as a popular search word for Baidu and Weibo, China’s largest portal.

The media reported that the controversy over Tesla’s brake malfunction was not the first. At the Shanghai Motor Show in April last year, a female customer climbed to the roof of the Tesla on display to protest against poor brake operation, and Tesla was criticized by public opinion.

At the time, Tesla said that the cause of the customer’s accident was speeding, but promised to improve the way they received customer complaints.

Tesla said in a statement to the media that it received a court ruling that the problem of brake malfunction mentioned by a Chinese car owner was different from the truth and damaged Tesla’s reputation. He added that the court ordered the car owner to make a public apology and compensate Tesla for the loss.

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