The girl we loved, Kim Yoojung [20thCenturyGirl]

The girl we loved, Kim Yoojung [20thCenturyGirl]

Kim Yoojung

You’ve grown up so well. From child actors to main actors who are at the center of the play. Kim Yoojung, who is taking a successful step, was a flower and a tree-like actor with girlish innocence and straightness.

Recently, at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Kim Yoojung, the main actor of the Netflix movie “20th Century Girl,” and Star News met and talked about various things. “20th Century Girl” is a memory of 1999 on a video tape that arrived one winter, and the first love observation romance that takes place when a 17-year-old girl, “Bora,” claims to be a cupid of love to fulfill her first love of her best friend “Yeon-du.” Kim Yoo-jung plays Na Bo-ra, a 17-year-old girl who struggles to make her best friend Yeon-doo (played by Noh Yoon-seo) have a crush.

Regarding her appearance in “20th Century Girl,” Kim Yoo-jung said, “I was attracted to the scenario itself. “I was born in 1999, the background of the work, and I liked old songs and emotions, so I thought it would be nice to go in and experience them,” he said. “I watched a lot of movies in the 90s and listened to a lot of music in the 80s and 90s.” “When I listen to songs with my seniors in the past, I’ve heard a lot of words called ‘old sensibility’, and I’ve been active since I was so young, so I’ve heard a lot about old age,” he said.

It was not easy to play an era that I had never experienced before, but Kim Yoo-jung created her own Navora through many conversations with director Bang Woo-ri. “It’s actually my first time seeing a floppy disk. I was only in the purple room, but there was a pile of stuff next to the computer, but I didn’t know what it was. I asked the prop team leader and he explained that it was a storage space. When I was young, I baked and used USB and CD, which was the most fascinating, and it was fascinating to see CD player for the first time. I’m the MP3 generation.”

In particular, Kim Yoo-jung said about her feelings about seeing herself in the work, “I was 17 years old because I didn’t want to dress up nicely, and above all, I wanted to be as natural, lively and cute as possible. I filmed it without thinking about looking pretty, but I think the beauty of that age came out naturally. I think it went well with the color and atmosphere. People around me also told me that it came out well,” he said adding, “I rarely put on makeup, but only did the basics.” “I tried not to look awkward as much as possible,” he explained.

Kim Yoojung

“When I was filming, I didn’t think that Navora should be the image of my first love. After the movie was released, I watched it several times and it felt strange and good. I feel good because many people say that the image of my first love has lived well, he said. “This is a fresh and pretty time, and it’s good to meet a work that can create an atmosphere that can only be expressed during this time.”

The most important thing that Kim Yoojung considered while filming “20th Century Girl” was also “Fresh Sensibility.” He said, “I emphasized ’17 years old’ while talking a lot with the actors. I wanted the immediate reaction to be expressed fresh when I went through a certain situation in high school, he said. “I once voted for a kiss scene, and I just wanted a cute and pretty appearance under the plum tree, and I think the scene of kissing in front of the house was more sentimental.”

It is surprising that the sensibility of the “Korean-style youth” completed with such efforts is loved everywhere. Kim Yoo-jung said, “I think my existing fans like it, but I’m not sure if I have new fans,” smiling shyly, “I feel better when I see the response because it’s my favorite work and my favorite movie.”

As such, Kim Yoo-jung has been steadily accumulating various filmography at her age and at her own stage. The child actor, who made his debut in a commercial in 2003 and played in “Ililmae” and “Moon Embracing the Sun,” stood tall as an actor who dominated the play. Actor Kim Yoo-jung, who automatically says, “You grew up well.” From the standpoint of the “youngest” who receives advice from seniors, he is now a senior who is asked for advice.

Kim Yoo-jung once said, “When I was a high school student, I wanted to stay in child roles until a good environment was created and an environment where child actors could work more comfortably.” It’s getting better and better, but I want these friends to be a little more comfortable and go through a period of confusion for a short time. However, to tell a lot of stories, there are parts that I can only know by feeling and experiencing on my own, so I became careful.”

He then recalled the “time of confusion” he experienced. Kim Yoo-jung had an unstable period around the age of 20. I only thought about it by myself and tried to build up the strength to endure. I made various hobbies, went on a lot of trips, and I think I’ve become stronger by spending time alone, he said. “Now I’m in a stable and peaceful state.” “Even in a difficult situation, I don’t seem to think much about it,” he said firmly.

Kim Yoojung, who said she had never thought, “I don’t think this is my path,” even during the difficult “for a moment” as an actor, said, “In fact, I didn’t have time to think about other paths, and I’ve been doing this for granted.” I thought this was the job I could do with confidence. Anyway, I absorbed so much experience like a sponge since I was young, and I still didn’t know how far I should think and think on my own because I was young. Focusing on age rather than career, I’m still in my early 20s, and I think I have much more to experience. He added, “I’m reflecting on how much I have left to learn even if I’ve been in society since I was young.”

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