Twitter employees file a class action suit against Musk’s…

Twitter employees file a class action suit against Musk’s reduction policy…

Twitter employees

Social media Twitter employees filed a class action suit against Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s plan to fire the company, Bloomberg reported on the 4th (local time).

On the previous day, Twitter employees filed a class action suit with the San Francisco Federal Court, claiming that Musk was accused of violating U.S. federal and California laws by firing him without sufficient prior notice.

Twitter recently announced in an e-mail to its employees that it will start reducing the amount from the 4th.

Earlier, foreign media reported that Musk plans to cut about 3,700 employees, half of Twitter’s total employees. Twitter had 7,500 employees as of the end of last year.

In this regard, the federal law, the Labor Adaptation and Retraining Notification Act (WARN), stipulates that large companies must notify the parties in writing at least 60 days before mass layoffs are implemented.

The workers in the lawsuit asked the court not to encourage employees to sign documents that the management complied with the provisions of the law and waive their right to participate in the lawsuit.

Twitter has yet to make an official statement regarding the news of the complaint.

“We are repeating the script Musk used in Tesla,” said Shannon Rees-Lyon, a lawyer who filed the complaint on behalf of the workers. “We will see if he will continue to ignore the laws of this country that protect workers.” He participated in the lawsuit in June, making similar claims when Tesla was pushing for a workforce cut.

After Musk completed the acquisition of Twitter on the 27th of last month, he has been making unpredictable moves for about a week when he began exercising his management rights, spreading embarrassment among employees.

The Washington Post (WP), a U.S. daily, reported on the 3rd that Musk’s “Trump-style management” is shaking Twitter employees who are about to be fired.

In the case introduced by WP, a Twitter employee learned that the Google calendar of his newly appointed boss was being released online on the 1st, when rumors spread that Musk would be fired in large quantities.

The boss’s calendar, which he immediately inquired about, said it was “RIF Review” for a schedule at 5 p.m. on the same day. RIF is an English abbreviation for “reduction in force”.

Another employee reportedly happened to see the size of the dismissal target and the amount of severance pay that the management aims for on Slack, an in-house messenger.

No one in the new management has revealed plans to cut jobs, but rumors have spread quickly and all members of the company have noticed them.

One employee complained to WP, “The Twitter culture seems to have completely overturned overnight.” It is pointed out that the previous open corporate culture has disappeared and everything has become suspicious and secretive.

There are also mixed views on what new business Musk will pursue on Twitter.

Some employees are puzzled, saying they are not sure what he intends to do.

In the meantime, media reports said that the new management is pushing to release a video fee function that can be used to monetize adult content within one to two weeks.

One employee pointed out in an online anonymous community that “this secret treatment is not ‘professional’,” while another said, “This is a psychological war.”

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