Yong Joonhyung returns after controversy over…

Yong Joonhyung returns after controversy over ‘Jung Joon-young’s group chat room’…#1 on iTunes

Yong Joonhyung

Singer Yong Joonhyung began to stand alone in earnest through the EP “LONER.”

According to iTunes, a global music streaming platform on the 11th, Yong Joon-hyung’s EP “LONER” (Roner), which was released the previous day, topped the top album charts in six regions, including Chile, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.

It then ranked second in Vietnam, fourth in Indonesia, fifth in the Philippines, sixth in Singapore, seventh in Italy and Turkey, and eighth in Japan.

The title track “Noise Between Floors” also topped Colombia’s top singles chart and Chile’s top singles chart.

‘LONER’ means ‘a person who likes to spend time alone’. Yong Joon-hyung included a total of six high-quality songs in “LONER,” which he wrote inspired by many thoughts and various emotions during his time alone.

The title song “Noise Between Floors” is an alternative hip-hop-based song that expresses the memories that fall like a headache when it’s worth forgetting and pours down when it’s worth emptying.

In addition, all songs written and composed by Yong Joon-hyung himself such as “Say I Don’t Like You,” “LONELY,” “PRAHA,” “Get Over You,” and “PIECES” were placed on the Bugs real-time chart.

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