A ‘convertible SUV’ that resembles Skoda ENYAQ…

A ‘convertible SUV’ that resembles Skoda ENYAQ EVOQUE appears


Rendering, which shows a new world of convertible SUV without a roof, is drawing attention.

This rendering, based on the Skoda EENYAQ vehicle, is reminiscent of a Land Rover Range Rover Ivoq convertible crossover.

The convertible crossover or convertible SUV is not an easy-to-see model, but the virtual rendering produced by a digital artist working under the name “Rostislav Prokop” on the Internet boasts the charm of the convertible SUV.

The vehicle in the rendering is a two-door convertible crossover based on the EENYAQ vRS version, a crossover vehicle released by Czech car manufacturer Skoda. Skoda EENYAQ is an electric vehicle, but the vehicle in the rendering is equipped with a turbocharger gasoline engine and has added an exhaust port.

The EENYAQ vRS version has a maximum output of 300 horsepower. The vehicle in the rendering is also expected to exert comparable power with the 2L turbocharger 4-cylinder motor. The front part shows a tough style with a sharp touch, and the exhaust and lighting on the back also boasts a sophisticated design.

Given the recent growing popularity of SUVs and crossover in the global automobile market, some expect that the SUV convertible will be popular, unlike the Land Rover Range Rover Ibock convertible, which was discontinued years ago amid harsh criticism.

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