BMW Korea new brand campaign ‘born BOLD’

BMW Korea new brand campaign ‘born BOLD’

BMW Korea

BMW Korea (CEO Han Sang-yoon) will launch a new brand campaign containing the value of “born BOLD.” The Born BOLD campaign, which will be held this time, will discover the inner elegance and strength that everyone has, and deliver a message to live “more like myself.” BMW Korea selected six people who are pioneering their own paths as part of a new brand campaign.

The first campaign video unfolds the story of broadcaster Kim Na-young. By combining his career as a colorful fashion influencer and his life as a mother, he spreads a new culture and grows on his own, shedding light on the elegance and intensity of a mature and solid person.

Kim Na-young expressed her feelings as the first face of the campaign, saying, “I am happy to be able to join this campaign, and I especially sympathize with the campaign’s purpose of ‘Let’s live more like me,’ and I want to encourage many people.” Starting with Kim Na-young, the Bon Bold campaign will feature a total of six people who are boldly pioneering their own paths in each field, including singer Yoon Mi-rae, who continues to pursue growth in the region where she raised her. BMW Korea plans to continue to spread BMW’s value, philosophy, and essence by carrying out various activities through the Bon Bold brand campaign, which contains the enterprising and unique story of each person.

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