BTOB “Not Seo Eunkwang’s buzzword, but now..

BTOB “Not Seo Eunkwang’s buzzword, but now he’s screaming and clapping.”


Group BTOB (BTOB) expressed joy at the concert where cheering was allowed.

BTOB held a press conference for its 10th anniversary concert “2022 BTOB Time BTOGETHER” at the KSPO Dome in Jamsil Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul, on the 30th and said, “Now I can tell you to scream and clap.”

BTOB, which will hold a three-day concert at the KSPO Dome on January 31, will celebrate its 10th anniversary with fans. This performance is BTOB’s first offline concert in four years, relieving all the long-awaited thirst of fans. As he returned after four years after breaking the “military white flag” (vacuum due to military service), he is determined to present fans with unforgettable warm memories.

On top of that, shouting is allowed, so expectations are even higher. In particular, Seo Eun-kwang became a hot topic last year when shouting was banned, leaving a buzzword called “Don’t scream and clap.”

Yook Sung-jae said, “Don’t scream, clap.” On the contrary, he would say, ‘Shout out loud (shout out loud and give a round of applause).” “I think it will be a fun concert where you can scream and go crazy,” he said.

BTOB  is a six-member multinational boy group released by Cube Entertainment in 2012 after two years and five months since BEAST.

The team name is BTB. It was G from the same company.It was transformed into BTB based on the idea that NA named Boys TO Voice. It is a proper combination of the spelling of “Born To Beat” and contains two meanings: “Born to present new music (beats) and stage” and “Born to overwhelm listeners around the world with music,” which means “win” and “overwhelming.”

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