Chuu can do it but LOONA can’t do it. It’s a comparison

Chuu can do it but LOONA can’t do it. It’s a comparison


It’s a contradictory move.

Chu was listed on the list of artists recently released by the 2022 MBC Music Festival.

Chu’s appearance in the “2022 MBC Music Festival” is drawing keen attention in that it will be her first official stage since the expulsion of this month’s girl. In particular, many people are paying attention to the situation in which this month’s girl does not appear but only Chuu appears.

The reason why LOONA was not invited to the 2022 MBC Music Festival is interpreted as the album’s performance. This month’s girl, who lacked impact, was excluded from the event as artists who received keen attention at the end of the year had gathered to perform various performances.

LOONA released their mini-album “Flip That” in June this year and started their activities. The album set a career-high record, surpassing 110,000 copies in its initial sales, but it rarely worked on the music charts. The best performance on the Melon real-time top 100 chart of the title song of the same name was 241st.

On the other hand, Chuu, who was active in personal activities such as entertainment and special single release, will join the festival. Recently, attention has been paid to his stage, which has shown his capabilities with special singles such as George and the movie “I agree” and O.S.T.

Earlier, Blockberry Creative, the girl’s agency of the month, decided to expel Chu from the girl of the month and expel her from the girl, saying that the investigation revealed the truth due to reports of Chu’s abuse of power. However, the agency’s unfair contract has been under fire, and criticism of the agency has risen as the staff who have been working with Chu denied allegations of power abuse.

Some members of LOONA also filed an injunction against their agency to suspend the validity of the exclusive contract. It was confirmed that they made the decision because they believed that the trust relationship between each other, which is the premise of the contract, collapsed, making it difficult to expect management work and entertainment activities based on cooperation

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