“From Secret” Jung Ha-na’s photo shoot explodes with girl crush

“From Secret” Jung Ha-na photo shoot explodes with girl crush

Jung Ha-na

Jung Ha-na a former member of girl group Secret, revealed her unexpected charm.

On the 29th, Jung Ha-na’s agency, Wooju Rocks, released some photos and interviews of the photo shoot of the BNT magazine, which Jung Ha-na participated in.

Through the photo released this time, Jung Ha-na pulled off the concept with a feminine expression and pose. It looks lovely and gives off an atmosphere by digesting clothes and accessories with pink frills.

In another cut, it catches the eye of the viewer with a 180-degree change in atmosphere. While showing chic charm with intense all-black fashion, it catches the eye with its peak renewal visuals that captivate men as well as women’s hearts.

In addition, Jung Ha-na mentioned her busy life, including acting lessons and preparations for her solo album, which she aims to release next year. In particular, he also mentioned why he pioneered a new path as he is loved for his easy-going and friendly concept through his TikTok account.

Jung Ha-na said, “I am showing a comfortable image like my sister and sister through the short form,” and added, “I want to show a good performance as the gap was long.” As for the burden of solo activities, he said, “I think I have more thoughts than pressure. I want to show music that I can approach comfortably. “I think I should show you that Jung Ha-na was a vocalist with this color,” he said. 파워볼사이트

When asked what the final goal was, Ha-na said, “I want to be a person who does what I can even when I get older.”

I’m in charge of rapping on the team. Rap is excellent among idol rappers and has a very unique tone. Originally, he wanted to be a vocalist and practiced, but he fell in love with rap and turned into a rapper. For example, he was a sub-vocalist in <TALK THAT>, a song without a separate rap part, and showed stable singing ability that melted well into each song. Since then, there have been vocal parts in <Yoo Hoo>, <I do I do>, and <I’m in love>, and vocal skills have been increasing.

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