Im Su-Jeong → Song Hye-kyo..Lee Do-hyun did you draw..

Im Su-Jeong → Song Hye-kyo..Lee Do-hyun, did you draw a life character with an older partner? (The Glory)

Lee Do-hyun

Actor Lee Do-hyun heralded another life character as Joo Yeo-jung of “The Glory.”

Lee Do-hyun is raising expectations by announcing his comeback with the Netflix series “The Glory” (playwright Kim Eun-sook, director Ahn Gil-ho), which will be released on the 30th.

“The Glory” tells the story of a woman whose soul was broken by violence in childhood, and those who fall into the whirlwind with her desperate revenge that she has carefully prepared life.

Kim Eun-sook’s first genre challenge and director Ahn Gil-ho, a master of genre, drew attention, and is considered the most anticipated work of 2023 even before its release.

Lee Do-hyun will return to the viewer’s side a year after his previous film. Joo Yeo-jung, who will be played by Lee Do-hyun, is a plastic surgeon who looks like a flower plant in a greenhouse, but has dark and deep pain, and is a strong helper for the main character, Moon Dong-dong (Song Hye-kyo).

Lee Do-hyun said, “I decided to appear in (The Glory) because I felt both curious and challenging about the journey that seemed to be his own business to take revenge on Dong-eun, a behind-the-scenes character.”

In addition, Lee Do-hyun made thorough preparations and hard work to build Joo Yeo-jung’s character. He said, “I prepared five versions of each scene, controlling the level of emotion more intensely and more plainly.”

Writer Kim Eun-sook and director Ahn Gil-ho’s baptism of praise are also part of amplifying expectations for Lee Do-hyun’s “The Glory” with excellent character digestion.

Writer Kim Eun-sook said, “The acting was perfect, so I only expressed admiration. Lee Do-hyun said, “It was great to be serious about himself and come into Joo Yeo-jung,” and coach Ahn Gil-ho emphasized, “Even though he looked like a healthy, fresh, friend at the opposite point of Dong-eun, the narrative deepened at some point and expressed the journey of finding common ground with Dong-eun.

Starting with “Prison Playbook,”  Do-hyun has expanded his wide acting spectrum across genres such as “Hotel Del Luna,” “18 Again,” “Sweet Home,” “Youth of May,” and “Melancholia.”

As  Do-hyun has proudly established himself as a “representative actor in his 20s who can trust and see” with his in-depth acting skills and delicate expressions of emotions, keen attention is being paid to the unique transformation and challenges he will show through “The Glory.

“The Glory,” starring Lee Do-hyun, will be released worldwide only through Netflix on December 30.

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