Ive, Red and White Gayojapjeon>Going to the..

Ive, Red and White Gayojapjeon>Going to the Gayo Daejejeon.The greatest year-end move ever


Girl group Ive (Ahn Yu-jin, Autumn Ray Jang Won-young, Liz Lee) will decorate the last day of 2022 with a year-end stage in Korea and Japan.

Along with the 2022 MBC Music Festival (hereinafter referred to as the “Gayo Festival”), which will be broadcast on the 31st, Ive will appear at the NHK year-end music festival “Hongbaek Song Festival” and meet with fans.

Ive, who will wrap up the year with his fans through the year-end stage between Korea and Japan, left for Japan on the 30th for the “Red and White Singers” stage.

The Red and White Singers Exhibition, which drew attention by announcing its appearance less than a month after its official debut in Japan, is a program in which all the beloved singers in Japan participate in the year to perform in red and white teams and hold a competition. Ive will embroider its first year-end music festival in Japan with an eye-catching performance.

Even before his official debut in Japan, the Japanese version of the first single title song “Eleven” (ELEVEN) was selected as the theme song of Fuji TV’s virtual space event “Virtual Adventure Island 2022,” proving his popularity in Japan.

Japan’s keen interest in Ive can be confirmed by grades. At the recently released Amazon Music “2022 Best of K-POP 2022” in Japan, it ranked No. 1 in “After Like,” No. 9 in “LOVE DIVE,” and No. 24 in “Eleven,” showing the dignity of ranking all three single titles released. In addition, Tower Records ranked No. 1 in “Eleven,” No. 5 in “Love Dive,” and No. 6 in “After Like” in the “2022 Best Sellers K-POP Single Top 10,” drawing attention as they achieved remarkable results in music and record performance. 안전놀이터

He will also appear at the “Gayo Daejejeon,” which will be held under the theme of “With Love,” on the 31st to become one with the power of music and love, to greet a special end of the year with Korean fans. Through the year-end stages, Ive, which clearly showed Ive’s unique color and performed splendidly, will end 2022 with a performance only for “Gayo Daejejeon.”

Meanwhile, Ive, which concludes this year with the year-end stage, will hold its first fan concerts “The Prom Queens” at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park in Seoul on February 11 and February 12, 2023.

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