Jaguar TCS Racing, pure electric racing car Jaguar I-TYPE 6…

Jaguar TCS Racing, pure electric racing car Jaguar I-TYPE 6 unveiled

Jaguar I-TYPE 6

Jaguar Land Rover Korea (CEO Robin Colegun) announced on the 6th that Jaguar TCS Racing has unveiled the Jaguar I-TYPE 6 designed for the 2023 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

The Jaguar I-TYPE 6 is the most advanced and efficient Jaguar pure electric racing car in existence. It is the first FIA Formula E racing car with power trains mounted on the front and back, and has a power train of 250 kW on the front and 350 kW on the rear. Through this, the energy recovery capacity has more than doubled compared to the existing Gen2 model.

In the Gen3 era of Formula E, which opens in January 2023, faster and more interesting races are expected on urban circuits around the world. The third-generation Jaguar Formula E racing car, equipped with new state-of-the-art technology, offers a 50kg lighter body weight than the previous generation, a 100kW improved maximum output, and a maximum speed of about 322km/h, and presents a new performance benchmark.

The Jaguar TCS racing team will start the 2023 season with a new and unique identity. The Jaguar I-TYPE 6 Rivery, featuring attractive colors and asymmetric designs with carbon black, satin white and stylish gold accents, has completed two special racing cars for driver Mitch Evans and Sam Bird. The Jaguar TCS racing team is expected to maintain the same driver lineup for all three seasons, which is rare for Formula E, and take the advantage of consistency.

Formula E, which opens the door to a new generation, will continue to serve as a practical test bed for the Jaguar TCS team as well as the Jaguar Land Rover. The Jaguar TCS racing team will also actively utilize electric powertrain, sustainability and software technologies accumulated by developing and innovating advanced technologies to win the World Championship.

Through the innovation and technology transfer of Jaguar I-TYPE 6, Jaguar will be reborn as a pure electric vehicle brand representing modern luxury from 2025. The zero-mission motorsports race with the world’s most sustainable racing car confirms Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to realizing zero tailpipe carbon emissions by 2039 and achieving zero net carbon emissions across supply chains, products and operations.

Jaguar TCS Racing enters the 2023 season, earning the highest 3-star environmental certification for environmental protection and sustainability granted by the FIA. This demonstrates that the team has been exemplary in implementing and committed to environmental management as it continues to strive to improve existing processes.

The Jaguar TCS racing team confirmed WolfSpeed as its official power semiconductor partner ahead of the 2023 championship. The partnership was built on an existing partnership that has continued since 2017, and the Jaguar TCS racing team has utilized WolfSpeed’s progressive silicon carbide technology to accelerate efficiency and performance on the track.

Recently, Jaguar Land Rover signed a strategic partnership with WolfSpeed to supply silicon carbide semiconductors for next-generation electric vehicle inverters. Both partnerships have a particular focus on efficiency and support the use of the skills and knowledge gained from the race on real-world roads.

We renew our partnership as an official technology partner with Micro Focus, which has been successful for the past two years. World-class software and services such as IDOL, an AI-based data analysis platform of Microfocus, and the Bertica analysis platform are utilized to collect and process vast amounts of data in team operations. This allows more points, podium, and wins by making decisions that are more important to predict and timing during the game.

Tata Consultancy Services, a global IT services, consulting and business solutions company, has continued to sponsor the Jaguar TCS racing team for many years, and WolfSpeed and Microfocus have joined this world-class partner portfolio. It also continues its relationship with global companies such as GKN Automotive, Dow, Castrol, Alpine Stars, and Uncommon for the performance and innovation of the Jaguar TCS racing team.

This is the first season for Jaguar to offer successful powertrain technology to fellow British team Invision Racing, where you can meet four racing cars powered by Jaguar’s state-of-the-art powertrain on the track.

The Jaguar TCS racing team is making all-out preparations for Season 9, which is scheduled to run in a total of 17 rounds in 12 cities, starting with the opening game in Mexico City on January 14, 2023. The Jaguar TCS racing team will start running again toward the 2023 World Championship title based on their experience of achieving the highest points last season, with Mitch Evans finishing second as a driver.

“Formula E season 9 will be a fiercer and more thrilling season than ever with a whole new pure electric racing car, I-TYPE 6,” Jaguar TCS racing team manager James Barclay said. “Last season, our team performed the best ever, but we know we can do better. “I’m looking forward to the results of this season because I’m confident in the strong strengths of the I-TYPE 6 and the Jaguar TCS racing team.”

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