KBL..Kim Seung-gi has a sanction and Yoo Do-hoon..

KBL..Kim Seung-gi has a sanction and Yoo Do-hoon has a tea time…directors sensitive to judgment


As the battle for the rankings of professional basketball has been fierce, the reaction of the head coaches to the referee’s decision has become quite sensitive. This is because a whistle can change the game and flow.

KBL, which hosts the men’s professional basketball, held the 28th 5th Financial Committee at the KBL Center in Gangnam-gu on the 30th and imposed a fine of 1.5 million won on Goyang Carrot coach Kim Seung-ki, who interfered with the game and continued protests two seconds before the end of the fourth quarter.

In the match, head coach Kim claimed that Park Ji-hoon (Insam Corporation), who scored the final goal at the end, stepped on the end line in the process after the rebound.

However, the referees judged that Park Ji-hoon did not step on the line and recognized it as a normal play. Carrot lost 82-84.

Head coach Kim failed to accept the referee’s decision even after the game. The next day, asking for a clear explanation, he visited KBL himself.

KBL refuted Carrot’s claim, saying it secured a video that did not step on the line. Head coach Kim responded, “It doesn’t matter what curse I hear as a coach, so release the video that KBL calls ‘I didn’t step on the line’ to the outside.”

On the same day when the Financial Services Commission was held, head coach Kim and other Carrot clubs visited KBL and had a meeting with the Gyeonggi headquarters.

At the meeting, KBL acknowledged three separate misjudgments unrelated to Park Ji-hoon’s line cross and apologized to the Carrot club and coach Kim.

Regarding Park Ji-hoon’s line cross, which was an issue, a KBL official said, “We watched three related videos held by the federation together. For the two videos here, the Carrot club also saw it as “unstepped.” However, regarding one video, the Carrot club explained, “Unfortunately, I will respect KBL’s position.”

After the results of the Financial Services Commission were reported, head coach Kim said, “Unfortunately, I will respect KBL’s position and judgment. “I sincerely apologize to the fans for showing my unsavory appearance on the court,” he said.

KBL is playing its first season under the new head of the game, Moon Kyung-eun. The decision cannot be perfect, but distrust seems to be growing as there are complaints from one side to the other.

Reflecting this atmosphere, it is reported that Lee Min-hyung, head of the Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, and Yoo Do-hoon, head coach of the Korea Gas Corporation, also visited KBL on the same day.

A KBL official said, “The Korea Gas Corporation visited KBL because there was a simple question about the Jeonju KCC match the previous day, and Moon Kyung-eun had a tea time with the head of the Gyeonggi headquarters.” He explained, “It is not officially requested for a referee’s briefing session or an official letter came.”

The Korea Gas Corporation will face Carrot, who was at the center of the recent controversy over the decision, on the 31st.

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