Kim Soo-min, who gave birth to a 26-year-old child..

Kim Soo-min, who gave birth to a 26-year-old child, “Why is his son’s name?” The prosecutor’s husband built it.

Kim Soo-min

Broadcaster Kim Soo-min expressed his honest feelings about giving birth at a young age of 26.

Kim Soo-min had a time to communicate with Internet users on the 25th, and was asked, “I gave birth at a young age, but aren’t you sad to see your friends get a job or social life?”

“Work & social life.” It’s a money-making job after all, and it’s something you have to do until you die. (Hoho, you realize it when you put yourself in the bondage of a social worker.) “I don’t think the burden of timing is great.” “There is no such thing as a good timing to have a baby in a woman’s life in the first place.”

He also said about happiness, “Is it because I have a child?” I think I’m happy if I eat well, wrap well, and sleep well. As long as you are truly healthy. That’s the best.”

Regarding his physical condition after giving birth, he said, “There is no problem other than not losing weight.”

Asked who named the baby “Why,” he said, “My husband named it. I wanted to write “Comfortable Inside” but the groom decided to write “Clean Inside”. “Jung is my father’s family name,” he said.

When asked why he thought he should give birth to a child because there are many non-marriage births these days, Kim Soo-min said, “I think I thought of a dragon ball very vaguely. If I have a husband and a baby in my life, wouldn’t I have collected all the dragon balls that go to happiness? So I wanted to have it someday I thought this much, but the child was God’s domain. It’s not a part of my life that happens whenever I want, but a story that happens only when I’m invited to my life. I didn’t have time to have it, but one day I received an invitation and decided to accept the invitation. I still can’t believe it. “I keep feeling like I’m meeting him by chance,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo-min, who was born in 1997, was the youngest 22-year-old at the time and passed the SBS open recruitment announcer in 2018. Since then, he has made his appearance known by appearing in “Night of a Full Entertainment,” but resigned in June, two months after submitting his resignation in April last year. I quit my job after three years.

Kim Soo-min announced her marriage on March 17, less than a year after she left the company. He revealed his marriage registration and said he had become a legal couple with a non-celebrity man five years older.

Eight months later, in November, he reported the pregnancy and was born on the 11th.

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