Lim Youngwoong, I’m going to SeoulFirst place in the first four..

Lim Youngwoong, I’m going to SeoulFirst place in the first four categories of the grand prize, ‘This is the age of heroes’

Lim Youngwoong

Lim Youngwoong’s 32nd Seoul Music AwardsIt topped the first mobile vote of ‘Grand Prize’.

From noon on the 6th to 11:59 p.m. on the 25th, “I’m going to Seoul.”As a result of the first round of voting conducted on the official voting app of Daesang, Lim Young-woong topped the fan vote with 1,768,865 votes (22.85%).

Kim Ho-joong is closely following Lim Young-woong with 1,316,525 votes (17.01%), Kang Daniel came in third with 480,000 votes (6.33%), and BTS Jin came in fourth with 450,000 votes (5.88%).

Competition for the Rookie of the Year award is also fierce. Tempest topped the list with 107,809 votes (27.41%), Lapilus came in second with 65,954 votes (16.77%), Le Seraphim came in third with 55,329 votes (14.08%), and TNX came in fourth with 53,093 votes (13.5%). In addition, Kepler, Bibiji, New Jeans, Enmix, and Billy are competing.

In the popularity award category, which is selected with 100% of domestic fan votes, Lim Young-woong was ranked first with 541,348 votes (52.58%), winning more than a majority of the votes. Kim Ho-joong, who received 318,903 votes (30.9%) in second place, and BTS Jin came in third with 30,406 votes (2.95%).

BTS and EXO’s Suho are fiercely competing in the Hallyu Grand Prize category, which is selected through votes from overseas fans except for Korea. BTS ranked first with 394,136 votes (38.62%), and EXO’s Suho is in second place with 392,440 votes (38.46%). This is followed by BTS Jin, Lim Young-woong, and Kim Ho-joong.

Lim Young-woong also topped the trot category with 691,109 votes (41.83 percent). Young-tak came in second with 558,553 votes (33.86 percent). Lim Young-woong also topped the OST category with 819,275 votes (52.54%), ranking first in a total of four categories (main award, popularity award, trot category, and OST category).

Meanwhile, in the ballad category, Yoon-ha, who wrote the myth of reverse driving with the “horizon of time,” took the overwhelming first place with 8,753 votes (80.76%).

This year’s “Seoul Music Awards”The first round of voting for the Grand Prize exceeded 13.41 million votes, drawing keen attention from domestic and foreign fans. The results of the first round of voting are 50% applied and initialized during the intermission period. The second round of voting will begin at noon on the 27th and run until 11:59 p.m. on January 15, 2023. The results of the second round of voting will be 50% applied and added up.

“The 32nd Seoul Music Awards”, which concludes the K-pop scene in 2022Grand Prize Award Ceremony (hosted by Sports Seoul, Seoul Music Awards)Organized by the Grand Prize Organizing Committee) will be held on January 19, 2023 at KSPO DOME (formerly Gymnastics Stadium) in Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul.

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