“Match Made in Heaven” Park Soo-hong and his wife’s..

“Match Made in Heaven” Park Soo-hong and his wife’s honeymoon in Jeju Island, “Kissing Side” (‘Convenience Restaurant’)

Park Soo-hong
The honeymoon of Park Soo-hong and Kim Da-ye couple of the new launch convenience restaurant will be unveiled.

KBS 2TV’s “New Release Convenience Restaurant” (hereinafter referred to as “Convenience Restaurant”), which will air on December 30, is the last broadcast in 2022, and is expected to provide more powerful fun and emotion than ever. In particular, Park Soo-hong, who recently had a wedding ceremony, and his lovely wife Kim Da-ye’s honeymoon are known to be released, drawing keen attention and expectations.

In the VCR released on the same day, Park Soo-hong busily started cooking early in the morning in the kitchen of an unfamiliar house. It turned out that Park Soo-hong and his wife Kim Da-ye came to Jeju Island for a vacation and honeymoon. Park Soo-hong, “The Essence of Cooking,” showed his cooking skills and completed seafood pot rice and sea urchin seaweed soup with fresh seafood. The reason why Park Soo-hong cooked so carefully was all for one person, his beloved wife Kim Da-ye.

Kim Da-ye, Park Soo-hong’s wife who appeared after a while, was moved by her husband’s cooking and began to make side dishes to accompany her. While his wife was cooking, Park Soo-hong was simply a wife lover who never took her eyes off her.  Soo-hong was watching his wife indifferently behind her back and helped her with a sense whenever she felt like she needed something. And he couldn’t hide his smile as if he was lovely in every little act of his wife. In his eyes, honey seemed to drop at any momentarily. The “Convenience Restaurant” family laughed together, saying, “Would it be that good?”

After a while, the couple, who finished eating together with the dishes they cooked, went out. In the beautiful scenery, the two looked happy just to be together, taking pictures and kissing each other. In response, all the family members of “Pyeon Restaurant” said, “It’s a match made in heaven.” Among them, it is said that Lee Chan-won, a single man, cried, “I’m so jealous” and “I want to go on a honeymoon,” making the studio of “Pyeon Restaurant” a sea of laughter.

The honeymoon of  Soo-hong X Kim Da-ye couple, a romance drama, not the appearance of entertainer  Soo-hong, but a woman’s man Park Soo-hong, can be seen on KBS 2TV’s “New Release Convenience Restaurant,” which airs at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, December 30.

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