Moura, who lost Tottenham’s position, will return to his..

Moura, who lost Tottenham’s position, will return to his former professional debut team, Sao Paulo?


Brazilian striker Lucas Moura, who plays for Tottenham Hotspur, is expected to move to Sao Paulo FC, a prestigious Brazilian club.

According to Brazilian media <Rense>, Sao Paulo is interested in recruiting Moura, and Moura, who has lost his position in the team to the extent that he has never started since the 2022-2023 season, is also interested in transferring to Sao Paulo. However, Tottenham reportedly wants Moura to fulfill the remaining contract period until June 2024.

Moura moved from Paris Saint-Germain to Tottenham Hotspur through the winter transfer market in 2018 and is also familiar to Korean fans as he showed impressive performances, including his heroic performance against Ajax in the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League.

However, he has not shown his past skills due to various reasons such as injuries. As mentioned, Tottenham manager Antonio Conte is also not giving Moura enough chances. Moura played eight games as a substitute without starting, and only took about 90 minutes to play. We need a chance to turn around, and Sao Paulo, a professional debut club, is reaching out. It’s interesting to see what kind of choice I’ll make 안전놀이터

Moura Play Style
In the days of Sao Paulo FC, he was located in the position of an attacking midfielder due to his fast speed and body balance, and preferred to violate the defense by directly breaking through the defense or attracting the attention of defense and giving chances to other players. If the space was sufficiently open, he did not spare shooting even from a long distance, and his obsession with the ball led him to follow the ball to the end and take it away. After moving to Paris Saint-Germain FC, he was pushed out of the main competition and began to be used as a right wing forward due to poor judgment similar to any young players, and he used dribbles to break down the side defense and provide opportunities for players in the center. In counterattack situations, he sometimes came into the center and played a role in carrying the ball at a high speed. At Tottenham Hotspur FC, he was in the position of a right wing forward or a second striker assisting Harry Kane, but recently, he has been used as a Joker and is playing a vital role in the second half

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