Oh My Girl Arin donated 25,000 briquettes…

Oh My Girl Arin donated 25,000 briquettes…Good influence this year, too

Oh My Girl Arin

Group OH MY GIRL Arin delivered a warm hand through donations.

On the 6th, WM Entertainment, its agency, said, “OH MY GIRL Arin donated 25,000 briquettes worth 21 million won to Busan briquettes bank on the 5th.” The briquettes donated by Arin will be supported to help the local energy-vulnerable people spend the cold winter warmly.

In the winter of 2021, he donated 20,000 briquettes worth 16 million won through Daegu briquettes bank, and this winter, he also reported the donation news, making the year-end and New Year’s holidays warmer.

Arin made headlines in December 2020 when it was belatedly known that she secretly donated 6 million won worth of goods to her hometown of Busan’s senior welfare center. Since then, it has spread its good influence through steady donations of about 10 million won to the elderly living alone and low-income vulnerable groups, and 30 million won to support the self-reliance of children who have ended their protection.

In addition, he is also interested in various donation campaigns and talent donations, actively participating, and taking the lead in meaningful good deeds.

Arin recently presented her first successful challenge to the Korean drama with tvN’s drama “Hwilight.” Arin, who played Jin Cho-yeon, the greatest celebrity in the country and an unlikable immature child, was once again recognized for her presence as an actor by winning the Rising Star Award in the “2022 Asia Model Awards. Arin will meet viewers once again with tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Honor: Light and Shadow,” which will premiere on the 10th.

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