Player Choi Ye-rim > Expects ‘5th time of second place..

Player Choi Ye-rim > Expects ‘5th time of second place’, ‘year of the black rabbit’, and ‘first win’ in 2023, which suits all white

Choi Ye-rim

Choi Ye-rim (23) ranked 11th (71.25 strokes) in average at-bats in the 2022 season of the KLPGA Tour. It is second only to Lee Ye-won (8th) and Park Hyun-kyung (10th). The high average number of at-bats shows the “possibility” of the future.

Choi’s accurate shot also brightens her future. First of all, the drive shot is 240.73 yards (36th), which is not short, and the accuracy reaches 73.81% (30th). It ranked eighth in the driving index, which combines the drive distance ranking and the fairway seating rate ranking. On top of that, he also ranked sixth with 76.65% of the green hit rate, which indicates the accuracy of iron shots. Although there is no championship yet, if the tide explodes at any time, there can be a series of championships.

Choi Ye-rim, who ranked 21st in the prize money rankings in 2022, is a player who is raising her awareness through runner-up. He finished second three times in 2022 alone. She also finished second in the Jeju Samdasoo Masters and High1 Resort Women’s Open in August, and the PLK Pacific Ring Korea Championship, the “KLPGA Tournament in December,” which was held as the second tournament of the 2023 season. Including the 2018 Hite Jinro Championship and the 2019 Nexen and St. Nine Masters, he participated in 129 competitions and won a total of 5 runner-up records. Of course, he has won the second and third tours. He won one win in 2017 and 2018 on the second-tier tour Dream Tour, and won once in 2017 on the third-tier tour Jump Tour.

The reason why “2022 Choi Ye-rim” is more remembered in the head of golf fans may be because the runner-up was so disappointing. In particular, the Jeju Samdasoo Masters will be recorded as the most disappointing runner-up in 2022.

Choi Ye-rim, who was aiming for her first win in her 114th competition at the time, had only four holes left until the “wire to wire victory” after leading from the first round. It was three strokes different from Ji Hansol, who was running in second place. No one thought three shots would be overturned on the fourth hole. However, it did not mean that Choi Ye-rim collapsed. He finished all four holes well with par. However, it may have been a miracle for some, but for some, it was a nightmare four consecutive birdies. Ji Han-sol turned the game around by dropping birdie putting from all four holes. While congratulating Ji Han-sol, who won the championship after the game, Choi Ye-rim’s face showed a disappointing look. Choi Ye-rim also lost a short-distance putt on the final hole on the final day and finished second at the Nexen and St. Nine Masters in 2019. Trials train a player. Perhaps Choi Ye-rim is also gradually training as the disappointing runner-up accumulates. The shot and the heart. 안전놀이터

Female golfers usually have two tendencies when it comes to choosing golf clothing. There are golfers who always prefer clothes of similar design and color, while there are golfers who choose completely different clothes for each round of the tournament. In the case of Choi Ye-rim, who wears Lynx golf clothes, it is definitely. Choi Ye-rim is one of the players who can pull off various colors and designs.

Choi Ye-rim’s fashion sense was certainly outstanding at the PLK Pacific Ring Korea Championship, her most recent runner-up tournament. In the second round, Choi Ye-rim was enough to draw attention by decorating her hat, golf shoes, as well as gloves and belts in “all white.” Only the neck part was added with a black system, further highlighting the sophisticated design of Lynx golf clothing.

Choi was born in 1999 in the year of the rabbit. Choi Ye-rim, who fits “All White” so well, is raising expectations for her first career victory in 2023 when she turns 24 years old

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