RM, “Gap-in” MC’s performance on “All-you-can-do.”

RM, “Gap-in” MC’s performance on “All-you-can-do.”


RM (real name Kim Nam-joon), a member of the group’s BTS, is responding widely to his debut as an MC for “All-in-Job.”

On the 2nd, tvN’s entertainment program “Useless Job” (a mysterious human knowledge dictionary that is useless to know) aired for the first time.

RM, who appeared on the day, said, “I’ve watched the series with respect. “I’m lazy to read books, but I looked for them when I wanted to use this time efficiently,” he said.

The first topic of the talk was ‘A human being who wants to be the main character of the movie.’ When Kim Young-ha first heard the topic, she said, “I’m also a story writer, so shouldn’t I write it if I like it?” He said, “Why would I say something really good (on the show).”

Then RM was nervous, saying, “Is this a program like this?” and Kim Young-ha was embarrassed, saying, “No, it doesn’t mean only that much.”

The MCs then asked, “Who would you cast as a movie director Kim Young-ha and actor Huh Kyun, not a novelist?” In response, RM said, “All of a sudden, Tom Cruise. “It could have been white,” he joked.

The episode marked a smooth start with an average of 4.2% and a maximum of 5.9% for households in the Seoul metropolitan area, 3.5% and a maximum of 4.8% for households nationwide, but viewers’ reactions to RM’s progress were divided.

Viewers showed various reactions, including “It felt like I was losing my pulse,” “I felt sorry to go back to BTS,” “I felt like I was a knowledgeable person,” “I think I should still grow as an MC,” “It was my first broadcast, but I was early to judge,” “It was good to see you trying,” and “The editing was weird.”

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