Shinhan University Student Association will conduct an additional

Shinhan University Student Association will conduct an additional full investigation into the alleged abuse of power by Lee Beom-soo


Amid allegations that actor Lee Bum-soo (53) overpowered students at Shinhan University’s Department of Performing Arts, where he is the head of the department, Shinhan University’s student council announced its position.

Shinhan University’s student council shared the status of its investigation into Lee Bum-soo’s controversy over power abuse on the 21st.

First of all, the student council said, “It is not true,” adding, “It is not true that Lee Bum-soo divided classes according to the rich and poor, and cross-checked several times through the corporate audit team, student team, department office, and department student council.” It is divided by grades, not by income quintile, and it has been confirmed that it is possible to change the class if there is a student’s personal situation.”

He added that the revelation that the leave of absence rate was more than 50% due to Lee Bum-soo’s overuse of power “confirmed that it was not true.”

In the accusation that Lee Bum-soo verbally abused and abused students, he said, “Since November 4, we have been receiving interviews with the department’s student council and anonymous reports, but there has been no confirmed testimony or physical evidence.”

“We are establishing an additional investigation plan to see if there is anything missing from the report and if there is any information from the victim,” he said. “The student council’s own investigation is currently identified as zero cases.”

Finally, Shinhan University’s student council said, “Until now, no accurate testimony or substance has been confirmed on the report, including the identity of the informant,” adding, “We will set up a professional task force team with the school to conduct additional investigations to prevent any suspicions or damage.”

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