Song Ji-hyo, did you finally escape from “Fashion Terrorist..

Song Ji-hyo, did you finally escape from “Fashion Terrorist”…Became an “insider sister” with mirror ball fashion (‘Running Man’)

Song Ji-hyo

Running Man’ Song Ji-hyo reveals her fashionista side, raising questions.

In SBS entertainment program “Running Man,” which will air on the 25th,  Ji-hyo will be reborn as an “insider sister” who is well versed in everything from fashion to exercise.

Song Ji-hyo recently appeared in an all-black outfit and earned the nickname “Black Widow” and was selected as the best dresser at the “2022 SBS Entertainment Awards” held on the 17th, establishing herself as a “fashion wannabe of the MZ generation.” On this day, it also appears as a “mirror ball” fashion fully equipped with glitter, drawing attention.

When Song Ji-hyo, dressed up to the fullest, proceeded with the running machine mission of the “end of activity,” she shouted, “Oh, shoes…” and couldn’t hide her embarrassment. After a while, he began to run splendidly and turned the scene upside down with the heterogeneous harmony of clothes and treadmill.

In addition,  Ji-hyo gives off all-time energy among the members who have lost their physical strength and plays an active role with her unexpected running skills. It is rumored that the members who saw this applauded, saying, “Jihyo plays very well” and “We can succeed.”

Meanwhile, SBS ‘Running Man’ will air at 5 p.m. on the 25th.

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