“The Idol Band” Lee Hong-ki. “Criteria for judging?”…

“The Idol Band” Lee Hong-ki. “Criteria for judging?” “Charm over skills”

Lee Hong-ki

Producer Lee Hong-ki, Lee Jung-shin and Ono Takesama of “The Idol Band” have unveiled the criteria for screening.

On the afternoon of the 6th, a production presentation for SBSM’s new audition program “The Idol Band: Boys Battle” (hereinafter referred to as “The Idol Band”) was held online. Ro Woon of boy group SF9, Nako Yabuki from girl group IZ*ONE, Lee Hong-ki of band FT Island, Lee Jung-hyeop of CNBLUE, Naohiro Yokoyama of Japanese band Kankaru Piero, Takesama Ono of Kitok, PD Kim Chil-sung, producer Hideto TBS, attended.

“The Idol Band” is an audition program that selects idol bands with outstanding vocal skills, visuals, and colorful musical instrument performances, and features producers choosing their own members and forming teams to make the best bands.

Lee Hong-ki, a producer, revealed the criteria for judging. He said, “I see charm on stage. I thought that even if my skills are important, I need something attractive that makes me feel something about the person or wonder about the next stage. “I’m watching that part a lot,” he said.

Lee Jung-shin also explained his baseline as a producer. He said, “We reviewed the potential of how we could develop further in the future than our current skills. Since it’s a competition program, you can do well when you audition for the first time, but you may not. “I thought it was the producer’s role to bring it up,” he said.

Takesama Ono also reported his emphasis on screening. He said, “I focus on understanding my strengths and expressing them well. “I think there’s a next stage when you know your strengths well and pursue them,” he said.

Meanwhile, “The Idol Band” will premiere at 9 p.m. that day.

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