The Korea Music Label Industry Association, Lee Min-kyu..

The Korea Music Label Industry Association, Lee Min-kyu, and Red Chair will unveil their new lineup in December

Lee Min-kyu

The Korea Music Label Industry Association (LIAK) has unveiled its new lineup of artists from the association’s headquarters in December, including Lee Min-kyu, Red Chair, Joo Ye-in, Mort, Osill, and Limit.

Lee Min-kyu of Hux Music released his new EP “Love Playlist” on the 3rd. The title song “The Moment to Break Up” is an emotional ballad song that contains a heart that foretells, organizes, and hides sadness.

On the 11th, Modern Boy Entertainment’s Lee Min-kyu. The red chair’s single “If You Can Turn the Day” has been released. It is a song that expresses the desire to return to the past when we loved, even though we said goodbye, and contains the hope that it will be a song for those who have unforgettable memories of the past when we loved hotly.

On the 13th, the single “D_Edition #Rainy” was released at DHPLAY Entertainment. The “D_Edition #” series is a music project produced by the composer of Paul Kim’s “Every Day, Every Moment” and produced by DHPLAY Entertainment. As the second artist, singer-songwriter Joo Ye-eun, who sings four seasons with a clear and calm tone, participated in the song.

On the same day, Mott, a member of Ruby Records, released the single “I Must Love You.” Through “I Must Like You,” Mort expressed the wind blowing in a round shape from an unorganized grass, the shadow allowed only in us, and the bright appearance of you and me in disorganized language.

On the 15th, Oh Seil (OSCiiL) of Chili Music Korea’s single “What If You Think About It” was released. Released ahead of Christmas, “Who cares if you think of it” is a song for soloists that shows the moment when a broken-up person suddenly comes to mind. Just as you think of an elephant as soon as you hear the word “Don’t think of an elephant,” the music captures the image that comes to mind the more you try to forget the person you broke up with.

EGO Group artist Limit released the single “Together Forever!” on the 20th. It is a winter love song full of warm year-end moods with loved ones.

Meanwhile, the Korea Music Label Industry Association, which helps the Korean pop music market develop in a balanced manner, selects good music from its members and provides listeners with a variety of fun to listen to.

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