Tiffany Young, “Chicago, Sausage, and The Conglomerate..

Tiffany Young, “Chicago, Sausage, and The Conglomerate” are working hard.2022 and this year, MIRACLE!

Tiffany Young

Actress Tiffany Young (33) said, “This year was Miracle,” looking back on 2022 when she completed the activities of the group Girls’ Generation, the musical “Chicago” and the drama “The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate.”

Tiffany Young met with Star News on the 28th and had an interview on JTBC’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday drama “The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate” (directed by Jung Dae-yoon, Kim Sang-ho, scripted by Kim Tae-hee, Jang Eun-jae, hereinafter referred to as “The Conglomerate”).

“The Youngest Son of a Chaebol Family” is a fantasy drama in which Yoon Hyun-woo (Song Joong-ki), a secretary who manages the owner risk of the chaebol family, returns to the youngest son of the chaebol family, Jin-joon (Song Joong-ki), and lives his second life. It ended in 16 episodes on the 25th.

“Jaebeoljip” recorded the highest viewer rating of 26.9%, with actors such as Jin-joon’s thrill of turning the tables on the life of a golden spoon, re-examination of modern history in the 1990s and 2000s, Song Joong-ki, Lee Sung-min, Yoon Je-moon, Cho Han-chul, Kim Shin-rok, Kim Do-hyun, Kim Nam-hee, and Park Ji-hyun. This is the highest record among all channel dramas aired this year, and it ranks second in JTBC history after “The World of the Married” (28.4%).

In the play, Tiffany Young played Rachel, a helper of “Miracle” real owner Jin Jin-joon and the right-hand man of “Miracle” CEO Oh Se-hyun (Park Hyuk-kwon), and worked with the two to swallow the pure group owned by Chairman Jin Yang-chul (Lee Sung-min) as an analyst at “Miracle Investment.” Rachel was a Korean-American, fluent English speaker, boasting colorful fashion, and using fact violence with cool judgment.

Tiffany had a busy year with the completion of this year’s musical “Chicago” performance, the release of Girls’ Generation’s 15th anniversary album, and the end of the popularity of “chaebol house.” Tiffany said about what she wants to try in the future, “I want to try movies next time. I also want to work on moving it to the screen. I think my taste in movies is a little darker. I also like director Martin Scorsese, and I loved the female character there. Recently, I thought I could have done well if the role of David in “Surinam” was a woman among Korean works. He said, “I can play the role of a Korean in the Squid Game, and I think it’s a field that actors can continue to dream of.”

After finishing his career as a singer and actor this year, he looked back on the year 2022 and said, “It’s really like a dream. Doing this within a year. In February, I finished the national tour of Chicago and spent a lot of energy writing Girls’ Generation songs, but I was so proud of the work. In the midst of that, I filmed “The Conglomerate.” “It was a dream-like year,” he said. “This year was Miracle.”

Tiffany, who has had a busy time with her work, will do anything when she has time to spare. He said, “I started playing golf. I thought I’d accept myself who can’t do it even if I’m really bad. I tried to make my hobby have nothing to do with work. Last year, I liked animals so much that I went horseback riding, and you tried so hard to do well. I tried to play golf to spend time with my loved ones. The emptiness of thoughts and time made me want to work more. I thought it was so precious to be able to work during the pandemic. I try to go while balancing work and life. Also, there are a lot of cranes for mountain climbing. I see how I feel about life. He said he should take a precious step up and think proudly when he comes down. It seems to invest in time, people, and nature. “I also watch a lot of performances,” he said.

Tiffany said, “The four seasons in Korea are so beautiful. I realized that I enjoy the time between seasons. He confessed, “I used to celebrate and party with someone, but these days, I cherish even small things.”

What kind of actor do you want to be next year in 2023? He said, “I think there was a timing for Tiffany to do this. For the past five years, there seems to have been Miracle who did everything Tiffany dreamed of. I think I became a storytelling artist while studying acting, writing, and composing. As a singer, as an actor, that doesn’t seem to change. I thought there was a good story and idea to give meaning to the audience. “I hope I can become an actor who does everything with an open mind,” he said.

Tiffany added, “I used to be exhausted, but I want to be someone who can focus on the present.”

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