“Trot Queen” Song Ga-in will hold her first dinner show today (30th)

“Trot Queen” Song Ga-in will hold her first dinner show today (30th)

Song Ga-in

The transportation artist will hold his first solo dinner show.

Song Ga-in said on her official SNS on the 29th, “The first solo dinner show in 2022! Let’s be together!” he posted a poster image with a comment.

Song Ga-in in the poster caught the eye by showing off her beautiful beauty with colorful makeup and accessories. In addition, the classic and elegant font’s title of “Song Ga-in Dinner Show” against a simple background amplifies expectations and curiosity about the first solo dinner show since its debut.

When the news of Song Ga-in’s first dinner show was reported, Again (fan club name) expressed his excitement by showing enthusiastic responses through SNS comments, such as “I always support you” and “I’m so excited to go to the dinner show for the first time in my life.”

Song Ga-in will hold the “2022 Song Ga-in Dinner Show” at the 63 Building Convention Center at 7 p.m. on the 30th and decorate the last performance in 2022. He will then appear at the 2022 MBC Music Festival on the 31st.

Ga-in Additional Description

His mother, Song Soon-dan, is a state-designated intangible cultural asset No. 72 Jindo Ssitgimgut training assistant and shaman. He started pansori in the second year of middle school and majored in Korean traditional music at Chung-Ang University, among them pansori. Park Geum-hee (Integrated Cultural Heritage No. 29-4), a master singer of Mokpo, studied Pansori Sugungga and Chunhyangga, and has a splendid history of winning Pansori. In October 2012, he debuted as a trot singer after releasing a new song, “Sanbaram-ah Kangbaram-ah/Love Song 안전놀이터

Like most trot singers, the unknown life was quite long. Tomorrow, 2019, he appeared in Miss Trot and became an overwhelming favorite from the beginning. It is a vocal optimized for authentic trot and finally won and became Miss Trot Jean.

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