What’s the real problem with LOONA’s Chuu?

What’s the real problem with LOONA’s Chuu?


Controversy over the sudden “team expulsion” of Chuu, a member of the group’s LOONA, has rarely subsided.

The situation began on the 25th of last month when Blockberry Creative (hereinafter referred to as Blockberry) officially announced Chu’s departure from the team. At that time, Blockberry announced Chu’s expulsion and team expulsion, and at the same time specified the reason for the decision as “Chu’s abusive remarks against the staff of his agency.”

Public attention was drawn to the unprecedented situation in which a popular member of an active girl group was kicked out of the team due to power abuse, but public opinion soon turned to criticize the treatment of Blockberry, her agency, not Chu. After the announcement of Chu’s departure, the staff, advertisers, and members of the same team who worked with Chuu left messages cheering for Chu on social media and began to support her publicly. On top of that, Chu also expressed his position that “I have never done anything to embarrass my fans,” and public opinion in defense of Chu intensified.

The conflict between the agency and Chu, which has continued even before the announcement of Chu’s removal, also had a significant impact on this public opinion. Conflicts between the two sides began to surface in December last year after news broke that Chu received an injunction against Blockberry to suspend the validity of the exclusive contract. At the time, Blockberry did not reveal its exact position, but following rumors of his transfer to BPOM in June, it was recently known that Chu had established a private company, “Chu Co., Ltd.” with his CEO in April, sparking conflicts with his agency and various speculations about whether he would transfer.

Despite several transfer rumors, Blockberry maintained its position that “the transfer rumor is groundless,” but public opinion gradually worsened due to suspicions that Chuu may not be receiving proper management from his agency in the process. Those who raised the allegations pointed out that Chuu continued her personal activities in Korea without attending the Girls’ World Tour of the Month, and some argued that her agency did not support vehicles or managers at the time of Chu’s personal schedule.

As the situation intensified, some voiced that the current situation may have resulted from a conflict over the settlement of the agency-girl of the month, but nothing has been clarified yet. In the end, for now, Chewman has left the team with the dishonorable title of expulsion and expulsion.

In order to evolve the conflict between Chu and Blockberry, it became inevitable to express a proper position and confirm the facts. But the current situation at Blockberry is ‘a dilemma’. On the 28th of last month, nine members, excluding Bibi and Hyunjin, filed an application for an injunction to suspend the validity of the exclusive contract against their agency. In response, the agency expressed its position that it was “groundless,” but some point out that it is quite unreliable as it has maintained the same position even when the conflict with Chu ignited earlier.

Gradually, the public’s attention is focused on the existence of this month’s girl, not on whether Chuu’s “suspicious power trip” is true or not. In the process of expelling his artist, the agency’s disappointing attitude, the facts that have not been properly identified despite the pouring suspicions, and the stories of people who are mixed with the agency seem to have blocked the future of this month’s girl who is just on the rise. There is no power in explaining unconditionally ‘no’. It is time for Blockberry to make the right decision to deal with the situation, which has grown as it has grown, and to protect the girl group of the month.

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