Who is the winner of MBC Drama Awards in “Big Mouse..

Who is the winner of MBC Drama Awards in “Big Mouse → Gold Spoon”? Today (30th)

Drama Awards

The prelude to a war of stars rises.

The 2022 MBC Acting Awards unveiled three viewing points that can be enjoyed with viewers ahead of the event on December 30.

# The photo wall of stars that we’re meeting in advance

First of all, the 2022 MBC Acting Awards will broadcast the spectacular photo wall of the stars who lit up the MBC drama live on iMBC’s official website and Naver NOW, and will share the moment of meeting the stars in real time.

# What’s this year’s

The 2022 MBC drama featured works with fresh materials and worldviews. “Big Mouse,” which gave a refreshing cider due to the rebellion of small citizens’ families against the conspiracy of the powerful, as well as mini-series such as “Gold Spoon,” “One Party Hundred Deacon,” “Goldon Spirit, Joseon Marriage Banning,” “Tomorrow,” “Show Time” and “Dr. Royer,” as well as daily plays “Secret House,” one-act play “Hound,” and “Panter.” As a result, I am curious about the glorious work that will win the Drama of the Year award this year. 안전놀이터

# From Best Character Award to Grand Prize, who is the hero of the honor?

Attention is also focusing on the grand prize winners who will decorate the finale of the 2022 MBC Acting Awards. I’m looking forward to who will be the actor who caused deep lingering emotions and overindulgence by performing enthusiastic performances in the work, and the main character who will hold the grand prize trophy. In addition, as a feast of unique characters continued along with the works that left a strong impression, curiosity is amplified to the winners of the Best Character Award, the Best Couple and the Best Couple Award selected by viewers.

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