“2023 is ‘King the Land'”. Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoon-ah..

“2023 is ‘King the Land'”. Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoon-ah, New Year’s greetings full of affection.

King the Land

Lee Joon-ho and Lim Yoon-ah, the main characters of “King the Land`s” delivered their New Year’s greetings in handwriting.

JTBC’s new drama “King the Land`s which will premiere in 2023, features a man who despises laughter (played by Lee Joon-ho) and a smile queen angel-rang (played by Lim Yoon-ah), who has to laugh, in the hotelier’s dream of “King the Land.”

While Lee Joon-ho (played by Goo Won) and Lim Yoon-ah (played by Angel Lang) heralded a special chemistry with their irreplaceable presence, the two actors delivered their New Year’s greetings with a happy smile.

First of all, Lee Joon-ho, who plays the son of the king group with both appearance, charisma and chic charm, said, “I hope you have a good start in 2023 and achieve everything you want and wish for.” “Gwan.bu (please pay a lot of attention)” added a witty comment, drawing attention.

Lim Yoon-ah, who wants to be a hotelier who gives happiness to people, then stimulates the desire to watch the first broadcast with the phrase “With King the Land in 2023,” while adding a cute emoticon to the greeting of “Always be healthy and happy.”

With the two’s visual harmony drawing attention with a happy New Year’s greeting, I’m even more curious about their story of how Lee Joon-ho and Lim Yoon-ah, who previously showed proven chemistry through various collaboration stages, will meet in “King the Land`s” the dream of all hoteliers.

JTBC’s new drama ‘King the Land`s will premiere in 2023.

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