Actor Jeremy Renner “Avengers” also suffered heavy snowfall..

Actor Jeremy Renner “Avengers” also suffered heavy snowfall in the U.S.Actor Jeremy Renner in serious injury

Jeremy Renner

The Associated Press and the Guardian reported on the 1st that Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner was seriously injured during the snow removal process in the heavy snow crisis that hit the U.S.

Jeremy Renner was reportedly in critical condition due to a weather-related accident while clearing snow early in the day, and is now in stable condition, his spokesman said.

He was reportedly taken to the hospital by helicopter in the accident.

The location or circumstances of the accident are not known in detail, but it is reported that there is a residence on the side of a lake in the mountainous area of Nevada.

As of the same day, 35,000 households were cut off from electricity due to the heavy snow caused by the winter storm that hit North America at the end of the year.

Jeremy Renner posted a picture of a car buried in snow on his Twitter account on the 13th of last month and wrote, “The heavy snow is no joke.”

Earlier in 2015, he posted a photo on his Instagram account that appeared to be driving a snow car himself.

Born in 1971, Renner made his face known in the movie “Hurt Locker,” and is famous for his “Hawk Eye” character in the “Avengers” series in Korea. He was nominated twice for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

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