Actor Kang Yoo-seok Hard Carry in the drama “Bukjean”…

Actor Kang Yoo-seok Hard Carry in the drama “Bukjean”…a dense performance that is not like a rookie

Actor Kang Yoo-seok of the drama “Beopjean” is catching viewers’ attention with his passionate performance that is not like a rookie.

In the SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Beop Tran,” which first aired on the 6th, Kang Yoo-seok finished his initiation ceremony as Jang Tae-chun, a nephew of Eun-yong (Lee Sun-kyun) and a final prosecutor of the criminal department.

Actor Kang Yoo-seok

In the play, Jang Tae-chun is “Gaecheon-yong,” who had a hard childhood and went from a local university law school to a prosecutor. Tae-chun, who has become a prosecutor with subtlety, perseverance, evil and gong, aims to join the prosecution’s flower and special affairs department. However, Tae-chun, a local university graduate and a malseok prosecutor, had no chance at all.

Then one day, an anonymous source found out about the involvement of Myeong-dong’s big Son Myung-bak (Kim Hong-pa) and investigated it, but he is frustrated when he can no longer investigate due to the interference of Hwang Ki-seok (Park Hoon), Myung’s son-in-law and special prosecutor. However, after his uncle, Yong, returns to Korea after 10 years, Yong, who has to get back at Myung, suggests Tae-chun to join him.

Taechun, played by actor Kang Yoo-seok, is in a word, “Akbari with a soil spoon.” He is a person who does not break his will to go to the special department someday even if prosecutors ignore it as a local university and assign only miscellaneous cases. It is also a practical group that sells the story of a mother who raised her son alone with the body of a single mother to get what she wants. Kang Yoo-seok showed a seasoned acting ability that is not like a rookie by expressing Jang Tae-chun’s character with a strong and strong expression. When an uncle dragon like a father is in danger, it sometimes collapses desperately. In the scene where he visited Joon-kyung (Moon Chae-won) and got angry while begging on his knees in the rain, Kang Yoo-seok drew sympathy from the viewers by showing Tae-chun’s emotional change and the appearance of an immature social worker and prosecutor.

Actor Kang Yoo-seok has been a supporting actor in various films and dramas. When he starred in “Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-bu 2,” he became a real-time search word despite his short appearance, and later drew attention by playing Lee Sang-yeop’s junior doctor Han Ki-young in “I’ve Been Once” and Nam Joo-hyuk’s rival developer Shin Hyun in “Startup.” In addition, he has played a variety of characters in works such as “I Want to Do Well,” “Saebitnam High School Student Association,” “The Job Seekers,” and “Geek Man Shawn,” showing a bold and rough side different from before through the drama “Bukjeon.”

Many people are paying attention to how much more Kang Yoo-seok, who is adding to the perfection of the play with his rookie-like control and dense acting, will grow through the character Jang Tae-chun.

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