Actor Park Eun-bin stands tall as the main star of the new..

Actor Park Eun-bin stands tall as the main star of the new Hallyu craze, which is hot in Japan.

Actor Park Eun-bin was captivated by even the passionate people.

Actor Park Eun-bin recently made the cover of the Japanese fashion magazine “Ang-ang.”

Actor Park Eun-bin

The magazine cover is known to have been covered by a Korean actor for the first time in about nine years.

The cover shoot took place in November last year when Park Eun-bin visited Japan for her first Japanese fan meeting. Despite the fact that the filming took place between busy schedules, actress Park Eun-bin is rumored to have impressed local staff with her professional appearance all the time, making the filming site warm.

In the cover released, actor Park Eun-bin completed the intense mood with red lip point makeup as well as chic with black dresses and gold accessories.

The interview contained the honest story of actress Park Eun-bin, who faces her role sincerely and passionately as an actress.

Meanwhile, actress Park Eun-bin proved her popularity in Japan through a fan meeting held in Tokyo last November. All seats were sold out at the same time as the fan meeting opened, and one additional performance was sold out thanks to the support of the fans. He also realized his high interest in Park Eun-bin, with a flood of requests for local media interviews.

Actor Park Eunbin is… 1996: Debut as a catalogue model for children’s clothing
In the same year, he also made his acting debut through movies and dramas.
MBC morning drama, like love and farewell movie, like a man’s story
In dramas and movies, he proved his acting skills and stood tall as he is now, receiving a lot of love from fans.
Recently, he proved his acting skills in the drama Woo Young-woo and received a lot of love from fans.

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