Ahn Jung-hwan Somehow Avengers Winter Training (Group 2)

Ahn Jung-hwan Somehow Avengers Winter Training (Group 2)

Winter off-season training for “Just Happened Avengers” will be held.

Ahn Jung-hwan

In JTBC’s “Gather to Kick 2,” which will air on January 29, “The Avengers,” who visited the warm southern Geoje Island to avoid the cold, will begin winter training. In particular, attention is being paid to the fact that coach Ahn Jung-hwan has prepared rewards for players who have won all two games since the declaration of the emergency system.

On this day, coach Ahn Jung-hwan mentions not only soccer training but also winter training in Geoje Island, where people take a rest with beautiful scenery. The goal of this off-season training is to ‘enjoy and train’ as well as ride a cable car where you can enjoy Geoje’s spectacular view, but the ‘Somehow Avengers’, which has been deceived by coach Ahn Jung-hwan several times, cannot easily be questioned.

As coach Ahn Jung-hwan said, the “Unfortunately Avengers,” which took a cable car, will be divided into an offensive team, a midfielder team, and a defensive team and head to the upper observatory where you can enjoy the unexplored view of Nojasan Mountain and Dadohae. Among them, the defense team will be in chaos in an instant with Kim Dong-hyun’s secret room smell attack, which quietly erupted farting, causing laughter.

In addition, a different side of senior coach Lee Dong-guk and coach Cho Won-hee will be unveiled at the cable car. Senior coach Lee Dong-guk puts his foot on the glass floor, which overlooks the bottom, and coach Cho Won-hee is also unable to stand up in fear. Unlike the two coaches who became cowards in the air, the contradictory appearances of the bluffing coach Ahn Jung-hwan, MC Kim Sung-joo and Kim Yong-man provide fun.

Director Ahn Jung-hwan, who arrived at the top, raises expectations for “The Avengers” with delicious ramen. However, in front of those who excitedly went out to find a ramen restaurant, only bare trees were seen, and an ominous feeling began to be felt, drawing keen attention to what would happen to the Avengers, who felt unusual energy in the mountain. Broadcast on the 29th at 7:40 p.m. (Photo = JTBC’s “Kick Together 2”)

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