Argentina squad hints at Messi’s refusal to retire

Argentina squad hints at Messi’s refusal to retire


Argentine players hope Lionel Messi will join them in the next World Cup.

Alexis McAllister said in an interview with Britain’s ‘The Athletic’ on the 2nd, “We don’t want Messi to leave the national team. Messi said the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup was his last World Cup, but we do not want to retire from the national team. I want Messi to be with us. Let’s see what happens,” he said. McAllister is one of Argentina’s leading players in winning the World Cup.

Messi has made it clear that this is his last World Cup ahead of the Qatar World Cup. Messi stood tall in the ranks of the best players in football history, leading Argentina to its third win with a tremendous performance in his last dance.

Even after the World Cup, Messi said, “It will be a few more years before the next World Cup, and I don’t think I can make it. And it’s best to end it like this,” he said, drawing a clear line that this World Cup was the last.

However, colleagues have different ideas. McAllister said, “Messie sent us a message yesterday wishing us a very good year. Messi is grateful to us. It was the only trophy he missed, and now Messi has won. “I was really happy to help Messi and Argentina bring the trophy,” he said, showing his affection for Messi.

Messi, who was born in 1987, is now 35 years old, and it is not strange to announce his retirement. He showed a great performance of winning the Golden Ball at the World Cup, but his physical strength and speed were lower than in his heyday. No matter how Messi is, it is not easy to show this performance three years later. 메이저놀이터

Nevertheless, many members of Argentina hope to be with Messi until the 2026 World Cup. Argentine coach Lionel Scaloni also said, “We need to make room for Messi in the next World Cup. “It’s possible as much as Messi wants,” he said, adding, “However, I think Messi has the right to choose what he wants to do in his soccer career and the Argentine national team.”

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