Beauty influencer Yangji sister signed an exclusive….

Beauty influencer Yangji sister signed an exclusive contract with EL Park.

Beauty Life influencer Yang Ji-hye signed an exclusive contract with EL Park.

Yangji sister is a beauty life influencer who is gaining popularity by revealing beauty & lifestyle know-how through SNS (social network service) with her honest talk and unique humor.

Yangji sister

He is maintaining his beauty as good as that of his 20s through steady and thorough self-management in his 40s, and is drawing attention every day by delivering exercise and skin care methods that can be easily done at home.

Reels (Instagram Short Form Video Platform) contents that fully utilize human-like appearance and pleasant energy are also steadily being created.

It is an effective content that stimulates the five senses, showing various efforts to communicate with the public of a wide range of ages, including the MZ generation.

It has also been highly trusted by followers and consumers by selecting items that identify the needs of followers and proceeding with tools that focus on the role of talking with sincerity from the perspective of consumers, not just product advertisements.

EL Park reported the news of the exclusive contract with Yangji sister on the 31st and said, “I’m happy to start the new year in 2023 with Yangji sister. “As the competition in the e-commerce industry and the COVID-19 pandemic continue for a long time, SNS usage time is increasing day by day and the digital marketing market is growing,” he said. “I think Yang-ji’s positive energy, which is constantly displayed in line with the rapidly changing trend, is her biggest weapon.” “We will spare no support as a reliable partner to maximize his capabilities,” he said.

In addition, he said, “To overcome his limitations, we are also planning to develop a virtual secondary character (sub-character) that can surpass his original character,” adding, “Please look forward to the performance of Yangji, who will appear in public in a completely different way.”

Meanwhile, EL Park, which Yangji sister signed a management contract, is an affiliate of EL Group, a comprehensive entertainment media company, and is focusing on strategic linkage between influencer and creator infrastructure and content production through the expansion of the new MCN team’s entertainment business headquarters last year.

In addition to strengthening the media content expertise of influencers with expertise in each field, it plans to provide various support and promotional activities to partner with brands that want to collaborate with them.

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