Broadcaster Seo Jung-hee Appeal for Pain in Ham Cancer..

Broadcaster Seo Jung-hee Appeal for Pain in Ham Cancer Treatment During Broadcast

Seo Jung-hee (61), a broadcaster known to be undergoing chemotherapy, complained of pain during the broadcast, saying her body was swollen.

Seo Jung-hee appeared with her daughter and mother in KBS2’s entertainment show “Walking Into the Madness,” which aired on the 22nd.

Broadcaster Seo Jung-hee

Broadcaster Seo Jung-hee said, “Traveling during anti-cancer treatment was psychologically difficult,” adding, “I came out like a hippo because I had edema, and if my visuals weaken, wouldn’t I lose my spirits?” I’m a patient, but I can see it. “I had a hard time,” he said, worrying about his appearance on the screen.

Daughter Seo Dong-joo tried to call Seo Jung-hee while planning a trip. At that time, Seo Jung-hee was undergoing chemotherapy at the hospital.

Broadcaster Seo Jung-hee said, “I am a breast cancer patient. be swollen with edema “I still wear a wig,” he said. “I thought I shouldn’t run away because I was sick, so I wanted to be active, move, and be friends with pain even if it was hard,” he said, explaining the reason for his appearance on the show.

To Seo Dong-joo, who asked if there was anything she wanted to do in particular, Seo Jung-hee said, “I want to rest no matter what. I want to eat delicious food and get healing. “Let’s take a lot of pictures,” he said adding, “I wanted to leave it as a memory that I went around bright even though it was hard.” “I want to remember that moment, a beautiful picture to see for a long time,” he said.

The trip to Taiwan of the three mothers and daughters was then depicted. Seo Jung-hee said, “I brought hanbok. “I want to take a picture like a scene in a movie,” he said.

When Seo Dong-joo said, “Let’s do it next time,” Seo Jung-hee showed sincerity in the picture, saying, “I might not be able to come here next time.”

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